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I am a programmer - what if someone asks me to do something that I am not capable of in my skills

What happens then?
Can I just refund him? How does it work? Did it ever happen to you? What if he argues with me and doesn’t agree to get a refund?

You don’t seem to have any gigs up, so I assume you’re asking for the future. :slight_smile:

Only advertise gigs where you know you can handle what’s required. If a buyer does end up asking you to do something beyond your capabilities, offer a mutual cancellation.

The best thing is to be very open in your gig as to what you CAN do.

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Agreed strongly with @offlinehelpers

I suggest you make your buyer realize about your actual field of expertise. Tell him straightly but politely that you are unable to do the task he is asking as that work doesn’t go with your skills.
Hope the buyer will understand easily.

Minthal Ahmed Masum

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