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I am a sad boy today : (

I believe that I just lost a long-term client…

Since I started, back in April, I got nothing but good reviews,

But I screrwed a job pretty badly and I may Have lost one of my best clients,

Well, there’s nothing much to do about it, I apologized and offered to do anything they may find necessary to make amends, there’s still a sliver of hope,

but that’s life I guess, learn from it and move on…

any kind words here to sheer me up?


No one here is for life time!

Everyone has to say Good Bye sooner or later! So forget it and move one!

You tried your best and worked with the buyer up to this time but your fate was to loose him you did not do it, it just happened.

Cheer up and move on! Keep working hard.


You recognize that you were wrong. That’s the first step to healing and recovery. If you understand what caused you to go wrong, whether conscious or unconscious, you can take steps to not let it happen again, even if you need help to stay on track.

Sorry for your slip-up, but may you receive many sales as a result of you humbleness. :pensive:

As for that client that may be lost? Maybe there is a higher reason that he/she may need to move on.


I did apologize and offered to make up for my mistakes,

Now I’m waiting…


I really wish you good luck and hope you don’t let this obstacle stop you.


Thank you, I’ll get over it, but its still a bummer :pensive:


It’s a great thing to see that there’s still someone out there who acknowledges his mistakes… …
You don’t need to be hard on yourself, just move on and hope for the best, i believe you’ve got better days ahead.


Don’t be sad! I’m sure you’ll have many more clients. Chin up and smile :slight_smile:


Thanks guys,
well, they have just canceked the order and gone silent, -_-

My completion rate is at 94% now… Is that too bad?

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94 isn’t bad at all. You’re still in the green with that number.

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Great news!!
They gave me another chance,

I have to take a test, a sample job, smaller than normal, and, of course, I offered to do it for free, but if I do this right (and I will) I think we can keep on working together,

: )

Now its time for DETERMINATION <3

P.S: On an unrelated note, does any americans in here know the term 'Skiddy"?


Its nothing bro, You gain huge big client today tomorrow. Best of luck.

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