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I am a seller why i can not sell my gig?

I Open my account last month but i can not sell any gig .Its makes me disappointed .Please help me what could i do @-)

How i sell my gig .please help me!!!

I just looked at your profile as well as your Gigs, and I would advise you to get someone to proofread and edit your English. Remember that there are a lot of sellers on Fiverr competing for work, so you must make sure that everything on your profile page and every single Gig is optimized to attract potential buyers. Placing capital letters on every single word of your profile page is the first thing you should eliminate. Also try using “my” a little less.

You write that you will “design gorgeous landing page for your product, company and marketing campaign,business for $5. Lowest price on the market”, yet you must understand that a lot of people offer this very service for the exact same base price, so it’s a little misleading. Look at other Gigs in the same category and try to set yourself apart from them by adding more value to what you offer. Best of luck.

Thank a lots.

i am also stuck to sell my gig. I have post a gig last month but no sell.I hear that in fiberr any one can get job very quickly. but as i saw here nothing to new commer and make a seo for own gig.It is very hard work for me to seo friendly gig . I am very dissapoined now.

Reply to @khademulfaiez: It can happen, but selling here on Fiverr is not automatic, you have to have a well-written gig with good photos. It’s like working as a freelancer anywhere else. Please go research and read other sellers gigs that are high rated gigs and notice what they look like. There is so much competition for certain gigs you have to be really good and stand out.

It also takes time, sometimes a few weeks or a month or two to get that first sale.

Reply to @subircoder420: you have 71 gigs sold/reviews on your first gig, so what do you mean you cannot sell any? you ARE selling a lot of gigs.

Reply to @sincere18: These posts were written in March, when he began selling on Fiverr. Now it seems things are going well for him.

Reply to @belengarcia: oops, that has happened now and then I comment on an old post not realizing, thanks!