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I am a seller why i cannot sell my gigs?

Hello, guys.

Please help me out of it. Actually it has been nearly one month on Fiverr.I just got 2 orders and the buyers appreciated it but now I am just sitting with empty hand with no work.My gigs view, clicks all are getting down.
I am requesting you please can you see my gigs and correct me if I am wrong in anywhere so that my gigs can be sold.
I am thinking that may be I did wrong somewhere in my gigs that is why it’s not getting catchy towards the buyers.
Here is my link (
I am looking forward to getting help from yours.I will be thankful.

Thank you


NOTE: I have moved your thread under the appropriate category (“Improve My Gig”) where it belongs to (for reaching the proper audience), and I also removed your URL from your title, because you’re not allowed to put URLs/links in thread titles.


thank you
i dnt know that

I am also didnt get a single order last 7 days.
I am a new seller here, i am waiting for expert advice

There is plenty of “expert advice” already posted on the forum. If you don’t have many sales right now, perhaps now is a good time for you to take the time to read all of that great advice here on the forums. Please take responsibility for your own success and Fiverr knowledge. It’s already available for you to read – you just have to take the time to read it. :wink:


Thanks for your suggesition
I will read all expert advice

It takes time. I am struggling with selling as well but there are new things I’m learning about this site. I just found out there is a community forum, which is helpful. Best Wishes to you.

Thanxs everyone for ur wishes and tips.I will read the fiverr forum and academy topics to improve myself.

Your response time of 1 week+ probably isn’t helping but take the previous advice on board. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahh, Jon @jonbaas you are always full of good advice and knowledge. Are you sure we are not related? My great grandfather was Peter Bass and Indian Scout for the US Calvary. Maybe he misspelled his name, and it should be Baas? :rofl:

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Ha! Well, I’ve actually done a great deal of genealogy for my own family, and I have no direct relation to a Peter Bass serving as an Indian Scout in the US Cavalry. However, it is entirely possible that he may be a cousin somewhere in my tree – I haven’t gone through all of my distant extended cousin connections yet. :wink:


@iffatwrites4u I also noticed that you do not have any gigs. That is how we advertise what we will do for the buyers. You will learn about that in the Fiverr Academy.

You will not get order until you change your profile picture. Still, you are using fake picture. In this case Buyer couldn’t trust you :slight_smile:

If a buyer is savvy enough to figure out how to find the origin of a picture, then this could be true. I only found out lately that it was possible.

I am new seller also, so i suggest you. Every day send buyer request and write nice cover later but remember avoid copy and paste.

Can I ask you if you know that how can I get back in 24 hour response time?

You need to answer your messages really fast.

Yeah. Improve your Response Rate

Hi there,

I’m also a pretty new seller here. I have some orders, so what is the difference?
Turn the view around, what would you think as a buyer looking for written content?
Here’s what I think about your gig:
You say about yourself you are a professional writer and your gig description look like heartless, no emotion, nothing. Emotions are selling, nothing else. Why should I pick you instead of the other great sellers out there? I’m honest - I can’t find any reason - do you?
All my orders so far (around 30 in roughly a month) are out of the buyer’s requests. I’m checking them, picking those wisely. Think about their needs, what they expect, etc. and come up with an attention grabbing first sentence so you emotionally force them to read! For example, there was a father lately who requested a Harry Potter Photoshop composition including his 4 kids. Headline: HI MUGGLE. From around 50 requests he picked me because of those 2 simple words.
Don’t sit in front of your pc and wait, act!


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