I am a struggling graphic designer. Need Help from Senior Design Lanterns


Hlw Guys! I believe you are having a nice day than me.
I am a freelance graphic designer who used to learn and do graphic design for casual purposes, for my surrounding peoples. I had never taken a single money from any of them. Because it designing was a toy for me, I used to get pleasure playing it.
But reality is very very hard. Unfortunately I had fallen in a deep personal and physical problem, because of my wrong decision and bad luck I had fallen in huge financial crisis. My all dream for my future plan is shattered. It taken me to depression. I have lost hope.
Now I want to transform my toy into tool to overcome from this situation. I want to rise again.
Graphics design is my instinct, I would like to take direct indirect help from my fellow brothers.
I want to be a world class designer sharpening my skill with your touch…
Can any one come forward for me ?


skills are not for sales
If you want to sharpen your skill you need to hire a teacher
skills are gain by hard work and fashion…
only you can help your self