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I am a Top Rated Seller!

I was sleeping in today when I was woken up by the recognizable Fiverr email notification from my phone. “What is it now? It is Saturday morning…” I mumbled to myself before stumbling out of bed to check my phone. The words “Congratulations! You’re a Top Rated Seller!” were blasted over the screen as I unlocked it. I gasped. “What? That can’t be true…” I checked my profile. Sure enough. The badge was there. I ran to my girlfriend to show her, but she is doing a group project for her class on Zoom, so now I am here making a bragging thread.

I have been selling on Fiverr since mid-May 2018, having started on here as a buyer in December 2016. For the first 12-15 months of selling, I was more concentrated on other projects and still in school, so I probably used “Out of Office” mode twenty times. I became a Level 2 seller on August 15, 2019, and it is only during 2020 that I have really started to earn a lot here. I got nominated for Top Rated Seller for the first time in November, so I got the badge on my third try. In fact, I never thought I was going to get the badge. Fiverr had never chosen me for anything. Never a Rising Talent badge and never a Fiverr’s Choice badge before the beginning of this month. I thought they would never choose me due to the fact that I have blocked 161 people on Fiverr (yes, I have counted - more than 100 of them happened during one month, though, where I was being targeted by spammers).

I think it is customary to give tips during a self-congratulatory post, so I will just say that the thing that has helped me the most is to study marketing techniques, read the forum and listen to the successful people here, do your own research, and think before you speak. However, I will also copy a list of tips I gave in another thread:

  • Study effective marketing techniques - “Principles of Marketing” by Phillip Kotler and Gary Armstrong is a good place to start
  • Learn effective business communication - “Excellence in Business Communication” by John V. Thill is a good place to start.
  • Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service and the Community Standards carefully.
  • Use common sense.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Follow this Bible verse (you don’t have to be Christian - it is just generally good advice): “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.”
  • Trust your gut. Do not work with a buyer if something seems fishy. And, if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is.
  • Know your boundaries and put your foot down when you need to.
  • Continue reading and learning every day.
  • Work hard.
  • Never cut corners.
  • Lift weights, do cardio.
  • Eat healthy and count your calories.
  • Meditate.
  • Take cold showers.
  • Do not get addicted to anything.
  • Never misrepresent yourself. Make sure you can actually complete your offering to a professional standard and be honest about what you can do.
  • Make sure to take breaks. Taking your weekends or at least Sunday off is healthy. Spend time doing things you enjoy and spend time with your family and friends.
  • Study your competitors. Make sure your gigs stand out and adjust them if needed. Never rest on your laurels.
  • Learn to accept and apply criticism.
  • Use sunscreen.

I am just overjoyed! Gonna be some partying tonight!


This is great news and thoroughly well deserved! I’m pleased for you.

You add a ton of value to the forum and clearly your clients too. Fiver is lucky to have you and I’m glad they’ve recognised it. Bravo!


Thank you so much, @williambryan392! I am sure you will get there too - your posts are top-quality, so I am sure your clients are very satisfied as well!


Very kind of you to say so. I hit level 2 myself yesterday, a long road to TRS but let’s see what happens, life is full of curve balls! Well done again :slight_smile:


Congratulations! TRS takes a lot of work to achieve, you deserve the party. :smiley:

I’m also a huge fan of meditation. Not so much the cold showers. :rofl:



Oaw…Congratulations…Hopefully we will get many advices from you.


Congratulations! :clap:
That’s really quite an achievement! You worked very hard and you deserve it! It’s a great incentive to work and develop further. But I think no one who reads the forum is surprised, because you have a very competent and professional approach to work, and your posts and recommendations are always reasonable and really work!


Thank you so much, @greystorm2! Meditation is great! Cold showers can make you more focused, but I gotta say that I do mostly take hot showers during Winter! I am not all mad!

Also, it is snowing for the first time this year here now. It feels a bit magical. :snowflake:

Thank you so much! I cannot really add much to what I posted above, but I think some of the things that helped me be chosen was the fact that I have never delivered an order late (only extended delivery two times when I was sick - more than 18 months ago now). Also, I have only ever canceled 1 order out of 432 and have never gotten a negative review. Though, I think that has more to do with my category not being overly subjective - and a bit of luck too. On that note, I find it helpful to always investigate my buyers before agreeing to an order. Are they often dissatisfied? What are their reviews like?

Moreover, I check what they write in their reviews of other sellers. Do they most often emphasize speed, quality, communication, or something else in their reviews? If I see their reviews mostly focus on one thing, then I will also give that one thing a bit of extra attention (Of course, your work should always be top-quality in all regards, but it never hurts to be aware of a buyer’s expectations).

Thank you so much, @olyasr! I am very happy to hear that! :slight_smile: It is a pleasure to have you be a part of the forum!


@vibronx Many Many Congratulation Dear… That’s really quite an achievement!.. Also i am just far to near TRS… hope will get soon.


Congratulations @vibronx. Great job. Good luck ahead!

It doesn’t matter how many people you block. This is a tool to protect sellers from fraudulent buyers. I don’t see it as a problem if you block people that try to manipulate the system, which purposefully rate you poorly or stuff like that. It’s just a great way to cleanse your Fiverr experience.


@vibronx some questions out of curiosity if you don’t mind… how long were you eligible to be TRS before it happened? Just wondering if it was quick once you hit the requirements or did you hit them a while ago?

Also, if it was a while ago then did you make any meaningful changes recently to your profile or gigs that you think maybe satisfied the manual vetting process?

I know each case is different but just wondering what your particular experience was :slight_smile:


This is something I’ve learned from you @donnovan86 and some others here. I’m now much more open to blocking and it makes my fiver experience less painful. If my spidey sense goes off then I politely decline and block. Life’s too short.


Excellent news. So happy for you!

Many congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats @vibronx well deserved.

Now it’s time to start planning your growth. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t be happier for you, this is really a great news and a perfect way to start the day!

You deserve that badge - and our (or at least, mine) gratitude for your contribution to the forum, your tips, posts and advice.
Congratulations, enjoy your new status! :smiley:


Thank you! You seem to be mightily successful, judging from the number of reviews on your profile, so I am sure you will get there! :+1:

Thank you, @donnovan86! And, of course, you are absolutely right about the blocking! I was being anxious about being too trigger-happy for nothing! Better safe than sorry.

It was my third time being nominated. The only change I really made recently was to raise my prices by $5 last month as I couldn’t keep up with the demand. I also started responding to every review recently, but I am not sure if that has any effect.

Thank you, @lloydsolutions!

Thank you, @frank_d! Indeed! The first step for me will be to improve my gigs inspired by @marinapomorac, who I think has done an awesome job with her videos, images, PDFs, and descriptions.

Thank you so much, @alphagev! Thank you for your contributions to the forum as well! :+1:


I have seen your post 6 minutes ago and liked it (I clicked the heart thingy couple of times but it would not stick only for the system to tell me I am not logged in).

:ribbon:CONGRATULATIONS!! :ribbon:

And thank you for your compliments. There is still much more room for improvement but this world of freelancing is anything but “relax, freedom, at your own pace and time”, so I will just take what I get with the current settings and then change them in the future.

I had zero messages and orders last week. OK, not the only one. So I accepted to work on another project at my local university…
Guess what!
The very first morning I started working at university and on an old “be happy if I power on and let you use MOffice” laptop I got not one, two or three but 5! messages and three turned in to orders two waiting for their requirements.

And I am like, whyyyyyyy. So I have been working 12 hours day job plus 6 hours to complete orders.

Today I just want to sleep.

So, CONGRATULATIONS one more time.
Hope that with this badge you only get more positive things coming your way.

Also I wish all people on Fiverr who deserve it to get orders every month that cover utility bills and food; minimum.

I am reaching that middle life crisis where I can’t decide whether to spend money now and be happy or save for retirement and be miserable consistently :D.

So @vibronx whatever you do, make sure that you are happy.

2020 showed us everything can be taken away with the snap of fingers.


o wow big congratulations! your post made me thrilled so I can imagine how happy you’ll be. These type of news give us energy and motivation to wake up again and work with determination. Thank you for sharing your valuable tips.


Woohoo… Congratulations, @vibronx. That’s a fantastic news. You’re one of the few super-professional people I admire on this forum. Keep up the great work!! :angel:


My man congratulations it’s not easy but well deserved.

Happy Selling :wink:

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