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I am a well experienced Graphic designer but i have problem here


i make a lot of money offline but really bad luck in online :frowning:
no one buy my gigs because i am new , i just want to know what time range does it take to receive my first job ?? i thought that i can have the first one within few days but i found a lot of graphics designers here with high reputations ,is there any chances to compete ?? and how can i be more shown to the buyer ??? i sent some offers describing that i am new here so I’ll do a lot of work with very low prices but no one give me a job :cry:


It could take weeks… or it could take months, it depends upon the market.

If you wish to complete with the well established sellers, then find something that makes you unique – something those sellers aren’t offering. Build your unique services from there. Success takes a great deal of time, hard work, and sacrifice. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Like every other venture in life, you need to build, refine, test, analyze, redefine, redo, rethink, experiment… you get the idea. If you really do “make a lot of money offline”, then you’re already familiar with how the business world works. Just apply your offline success to Fiverr, and you’ll be on the right path.


This sums it up. Search for “logo design”. Count. Spoiler: 940 pages of “logo design”, that’s 45100 gigs you’re competing with.

Couple of ideas: make a video presenting your gig (and from a brief look, you have stuff to show that’s quite nice. Plus, it seems to be genuinely yours) The video thumbnail alone will make your gig stand out. And use the possibiltiy to show more of your stuff via .PDFs.


If you don’t want to make a video, use better pictures for your main gig photos. The ones you’re using now are bland; they make it very clear what you offer (great), but are easily forgettable and easy to dismiss in a bunch of other gigs.


It takes time, my first order came in 3 months… Designers category has got crowd and competition… Be patient and keep trying…


I got my first offer after about 6 months. I forgot at all about fiverr in this half a year, was very surprised. But after the first offer they started to promote my gig and everything began! Now offers from here are my main income source.
Good luck!


ok thanx for ur advice i think i’ll make a video today and search for something unique to show in the video ,thanx :slight_smile:


thanx all i found some useful tips here and i’ll do them all
-a video
-something unique in my work
-more patience
-this sentence was very useful “Like every other venture in life” thanx jonbass
-use better pictures for your main gig photos

thanx all :slight_smile: