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I am a Whiteboard Animator and I offer cheapest animations on fiverr and still not getting any orders

I am a Whiteboard Animator and I offer cheapest animations on fiverr and still not getting any orders. I have got three orders till date got 5 star rating on them and now I am not receiving any orders. Tried the buyers’ requests option also but no success. If anyone has high burden of work and makes whiteboard animations, I will do it for them in cheap price.


Begging other sellers to have them give you work is a terrible idea, and could earn you a bad reputation on this site. If you want more orders, YOU are going to have to market your services to the target customers that need what you have to offer, and then convince them to hire you. If you want to be successful here, you are going to have to learn how to act like a businessman, and treat your gigs like a business. This is not a charity site. This is a business site built upon the concept of competition.

What are your plans to compete here in this marketplace?

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Hi Jonbass, I ever appreciate your marks because you always gave good information with great idea. Here I don’t think you consider it well. it is just like a contractor and a sub contractor deal which is often. As our friend told us, he is at initial stage so he want maximum work to prove his skills in that particular field. Yes it is true he will not get a good repute in this way but as if he got the job is a good return from this activities. Positions are maintainable and only the good skills and expertise can maintain it. so thanks to gaving him an idea but their is no restrictions. @bestintheword I would like to share, there is nothing good or bad, but your activities can make things good and bad.


No, that is not what he asked. A subcontractor is someone who purchases a service from someone else, raises the prices on the work that he purchased, and sells the service to a third person at a profit.

The OP asked if other sellers would give him orders other sellers already have, and he’ll do them cheap FOR that other seller. That is NOT subcontracting… that is begging someone else to pass off work another seller hired THEM to do, not the OP.

No seller is going to give @bestintheword their orders. That’s not going to happen.

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Consider this scenario, I am a Graphic designer and I reached to a client who has bulk order, which need to complete in a short time period. I agreed with client to provide in time, but in reality the job is time consuming which I didn’t notice but now I have been agreed and to keep my worth, I outsource it on some margin. so if I trust on @bestintheword skills, I can pass some part to him and we both can win that deal with profit sharing. But you’ve putted the right values too. without proving your skills is same as begging.
thank you Jonbass for your valuable time.


sorry wrong quote ^^,

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Do we look like 2 beggar fella or 2 civilized person?
This is not war mate, we are here just because of Wild nature of white colars miserable lives.
We choose work from our houses, for living as a human individuals.


My point, let’s keep in touch. I offered to you "if i get a client that needs an order delivered in limited time and if i’m really busy, i can pass that client to you. Anyways thanks for your time to read my message in the bottle ^^, 2019 loves US, have an awesome day! Regards, Serdar

[SameServiceGuy] Mar 28, 4:32 PM

Hello friend, thank you very much for taking me into account for your projects, of course you can conquer with me for whatever you need, yes, it is true, when I started, there was no one on the platform and I decided to try, I wanted to see if they asked for CH puppets and It worked, I’m at your services, my friend! Once again thank you for trusting in my work.:grinning:

Me Mar 28, 4:44 PM

your welcome mate ^^, keep it up good work! Cheers from Istanbul!:beers:


:smiley:Cheers from Panamál!

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i can suggest you to order a voice over gig or find a friend which has voice like human.
it’s pretty surprising that you can sell with that robovoiceover.
i know that clients comes with their voiceovers, but impressions is the most important thing.
probably you are using videoscribe, watch more tutorial about it.
i watched your recent delivered animation and there was a scene a hand drawing all board but only a small logo appears.

I will be watch you, if i see progress i can pass a few small order to you.


doesn’t matter you are welcome! and don’t get anger and don’t take johnbaas wrongly he is basically in your favor. consider him positively.Your text just pass more frustration to a loyal person who seeking your prestige. He joined you to help you here. If you’ve chosen best words, he didn’t took you wrong and what he share is true. consider it wisely.


I’ve always pick my words wisely and use my fingers on the keyboard.
He consistently repeat Beggar and begging.
You should warn him “again” not me mate.
I didn’t use any rude word against anyone ^^,

and i just tried to calm him with a simple example from my life.
i also added a positive comment to topic’s owner ^^,

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I have said nothing to or about you. You were not part of the conversation when I made my previous comments. There is no need for you to jump into the conversation, and make it personally about you.

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Sorry ^^,
sometimes i found myself on someone’s pm box :expressionless:
this is a forum topic, it’s public.

Don’t make the situation harder for you.
It’s not personally, i’m just getting back a newbee.

You should try this tho!

Don’t take it serious, its just a lesson for learning a better way of communication. that’s all. and thank you for your early consideration. Try to catch the moon if you missed, you can get a star.

Very Generous Of You…