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I am a writer and I am not getting an order

It already a month and My gigs and I’m not getting an order.

u should improve your profile and gigs too. be specif. and in last don’t lose hope. :sunglasses:

Check this out: for how to get orders.

Also act on the advice given to you in your previous posts.


The first thing I see when I visit your profile is your profile description-

Hi, I'm a creative writer. I have been working as a content writer for several clients for 7 years. I'm so passionate and motivated in my work and areas such as travel, sports, finance, health, and literature whenever I aid to the research quality in articles that structured a reflection on these themes. My unstoppable work in content writing has contributed to a unique style that I am very sure will improve any given project. I always provide my clients with 100% original contents with complete highest quality. I'm also a proofreader and book editor with 5 years of experience in each

I am sorry but this :arrow_up: text has grammatical errors in it. The same goes with your gig descriptions too! Your writing style… The way you use certain words in your sentences like “I’m so passionate”, “my unstoppable work”, “complete highest quality” is a little off-putting in my opinion.

Having a good description (profile+gig) is very important for any seller… Even more so when it is a writer’s profile. This is probably the reason why prospective clients who visit your profile are not placing any orders with you. Your current profile picture is not helping either.

Work on the descriptions a little bit more and I hope you have your first order soon. Good luck!


I think everything needs to said has been said above, but…

I’m going to sound harsh here.
Just by the thread title “I am a write and I am not getting an order” is enough for me
to notice that you don’t really have the proper skills to be a writer, at least not in
English. I wish I could explain it better, but for people with good writing skills, it shows even in the shortest sentences.
Having grammar errors in the description is more than enough to drive a lot of
potential buyers away.
Maybe you can create another gig that shows more of your skills??


Also, this is how you can improve your gig

  • Fix your gig description as @hanshuber16 said
  • Use your real image or your logotype on profile pictur
  • Try to use original and unique images for your gig
  • And last, share your gig on social media :slight_smile:

thank you all… Much appreciated

Do marketing everyday and send 10 buyer request everyday.

Please Check my gigs :point_left: again and tell me if there’s still grammatical errors.

Don’t be dishearten , keep putting your effort

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Yes, there are still a few grammatical and orthographic errors in your Gig description.

Adding to this, try to use a grammar checker, it will help you when creating any type of text, and at the same time you will learn from that.

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