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I am actually surprised I can read this without pausing


I can read that easily, too. However, I hope that people will not stop learning English properly, and will not use this mind trick to avoid it :grimacing: :smiley: Ohterwsie a new lganauge wlil tkae from, and it’s not pettry.


If English is your first language or if you are fluent in English as your 2nd language, this should be easy to read.


Wow, that’s incredible. I can read it and I suppose the reason is because of the helpful full words, such as; “If, You, Can, Not” etc.


Conspiracy theory #3: Imagine if this was the new language that was invented by the dears in order to sound professional. I have seen that some of them have graduated at “Cmabrige” or “Hardvrd” it’s shown on their profiles. Or maybe I jsut have a wild imagination.


Wow!! At first I thought it was another language but wen I tried to read it was amazingly easy…Am definitely sharing this:grinning:

I took a speed reading class in high school that taught us to skim through things fast so this is what everything looks like to me.


I remember seeing that years ago. It is is very easy to read and the only reason that statistic (55% success rate) exists is because the test involved people that weren’t fluent in English and it also involved young children which was done to vary the sample size.

If you are fluent in English then the chances are close to 95% that you’ll be able to read this. It doesn’t require practice.

I can easily read it very fast because this is not my first time reading it