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I am afraid that no one will choose my offer because there are so many best gigs than me


As I am a new commer here I am afraid that I am wasting my time and offers


Hello @aizaz111111 . First off, I have to tell you that there are SO many gigs like the ones you have. Something I can recommend is to try and find a gig that makes you stand out from others, find a way to make your gigs better than the rest. Try to make another gig, maybe something that is associated with Logos or something. Don’t give up! :slight_smile:


In a way you are wasting your time I’m afraid.
It seems like the 2 logo samples are not even your original work, and here you are saying that you’re worried nobody will order from you. Most buyers are smart, they can spot a non-original gig just by looking at the samples and gig description.
Your gig description is quite strange too, you are offering logo/business card designs,
why would you say " NOTE: you need to see brief guide after placing an order I am not accepting porn or illegal contents or such" ??


Your skillset all read beginner, yet you say you’ve been on two other freelance sites? Meanwhile, I’d suggest you take off the name of those freelance websites before the mighty hand of CS descends on your profile.

That said, you can succeed iff you know what you’re doing.