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I am afraid want seniors help

I am new at fiverr I had used my favorite cartoon character as my username and had made a logo having name of my cartoon character as profile pic is it ok and I had a friend workimg from 2 years on fiverr told me there is some id verification after some days and your username and national id name must be same what I do now😥


You do not have to use your real name for your fiverr seller name. But you need to not use the name sponge bob nor should you use anything from a cartoon series. That is copyright infringement. That character does not belong to you. Please understand it’s not open for anyone to use.


Thanks for letting me know I am new and thats why I used sponge Bobb instead of Sponge Bob

Sorry but adding an extra B doesn’t work. It’s still copyright infringement.

Let me know what to do now and kindly if you let me know what my friend had told me about some verification scene what is it does it had to be some sponge bobb read id card😂

Get rid of the sponge bobb acount. You can’t use that name at all no matter how clever you try to spell it.

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You should probably read the TOS a bit more closely.

But sister I had seen many clients using the name of cartoon here and they are working

I am really sorry I try to give advice here since no one either believes me or takes it. Ok do whatever you want. I’m not your sister.


Oops you are angle now let me know what to do now do I delete thiss account and make brand new account

Or can I change my username

You can’t change your username. Also, you can’t call people “angles”.


Thanks for helping me lena I am very new so looking for help and I know you all are soo cooperative and will guide me

Let me know should I delete this account and make a brand new account with my own name

I think you can delete this account if it’s brand new and there were no sales made on it.

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Anyone who can answer me plzzz

Thanks alot Lenasemenkova You and Miss crystal are awesome

Also kindly let me know as I am girl so I dont feel good for putting my pic on DP is it will be ok if I use logo about my work with my brand new id with my username as my original name

that doesnt make any sense that you are girl so you dont feel good adding you photo as DP !
you should show your identity to clients so they trust you better…

Yes you are right @misscrystal


Because all the girls ever love putting their photos out there. They just can’t help themselves.