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I am also a new user

From Québec Canada, hi everyone, I am new here.:grinning:
Here is where I am at this point: learning to build up business Quizzes/surveys in English as well as in French and having almost done with the Fiver basic info.
I do admit being a bit anxious to serve well my first buyers.
And just wondering:
-Did most of you started with only one gig?
-And if you were still learning your specialty while offering it on Fiverr, did you start at a very low fee first? Because that is where I see myself at this point in time.
-And how do you manage to produce for more than one buyer simultaneously if you do have a short delivery?
I imagine I am better to ask these now than be bogged down later down the road!
Your replies are more than welcome!


Hello and welcome to Fiverr!

  • Yes
  • Not learning but still offer a very cheap base package to attract buyers.
  • Still haven’t faced a situation like this yet but I’m guessing I would manage delivery time, give custom offers with custom delivery dates, extend deliveries :slight_smile:

As always, make sure you have a thorough read of the ToS. Penalities for breaking rules can be a quite harsh, so it’s always better to know them and if in doubt, ask away in the forums or contact CS (Customer Support).

Best of luck!


Hi sandm4n,

Thank you for your precious advice which I do find very relevant.


Hello Sir !! Welcome to fiverr family…:grinning:

Well i have created 3 to 4 gigs when i started and then offered other services when i see that what kind of requirements buyer have and what can i provide…

Yes, there are lots of sellers and due to competition we have to offer low rates in starting so we can get a chance to serve and get reviews…

Well, sometimes it really difficult to deliver the order one after the another and for that we have to sacrifice our sleep…:sleeping:

I hope you will get a lot of orders very soon …:+1:

You are warmly welcome to Fiverr Forum. Keep it up…!!!

welcome to Fiverr have a good earning and best experience

welcome to this great platform

Welcome to Fiverr!

  • I started with 2-3 gigs and promoted my gigs through social sites
  • I will suggest you to give your service at low fee first then gradually you can increase your fee
  • Be true at delivery time.

Thank you for your precious advice!


Hi Kaursurvin64,

I do appreciate your advice, thank you!


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You are most welcome !! :grinning:

image I hope you are a success!

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Hello and welcome to fiverr. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious, this is a very new medium for selling goods that some people are not used to, myself included. I joined fiverr in November, deleted my account then rejoined in January 2018, anxious and nervous as to how to do this. It took me a little over 2 months to post my first Gig, which was just last week, and surprisingly I actually made 3 sales so far. That first completed sale gave me the push to create a 2nd Gig and just today I did a 3rd.
I have the lowest fee fiverr allows because I am new and have to work my up to sell for a higher fee. I, like you, am still learning how to perfect my craft so a low fee makes sense because there is still a lot to learn in so many areas.
I would suggest you modify your workload to fit what you can currently do. You know what your skill sets are so give yourself ample time for delivery of your services based on how much time it takes you to do whatever it is that you do.
The forum is an excellent place to get information. Many people are willing to help those who are willing to help themselves. I wish you all the best on fiverr and don’t hesitate to ask questions here.

Welcome to Fiverr! I’ve been selling on here for a couple of weeks now. It’s really rewarding; I hope you find you have a similar experience.

Did you start with only one gig?
No; I started with three, but they all related to one another. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with starting with one gig, though. If you look at my profile you will see that one of mine “I will be a high quality writer for your blog” does considerably better than my other gigs.
If you’re still learning, did you start with a low fee?
I have several years’ worth of experience so I wasn’t necessarily learning, however, this is the first time I’ve offered my services for money aside from my blog. I now do some freelancing out of Fiverr now, but I hadn’t before I started. I think it’s pretty standard to provide people with services for a low fee when you first start out, to build up reviews and a portfolio (although you should never ask for someone to leave you a review). Most people, from what I’ve seen, offer something for $5 and then up their prices on their standard and premium packages according to what they offer.
How do you produce for more than one buyer simultaneously with short delivery?
I’ve had this situation myself, actually. I usually have a 3 day delivery period as standard, and do a couple of orders a night. So far it’s worked out that I could do one bigger order, and one smaller order, but this might not be the case in future and I may just have to suck it up and put more hours in (that’s kind of what I’m hoping for, anyway!). If people order extra fast delivery then I’d prioritise that order if it was the one I had to deliver soonest, or complete it after I’d completed the order that was in front of that one.

I hope this helps! And from new buyer to another, good luck with your gigs! I hope you are successful in your endeavour.

Hi lamonthenley1.
Thank you for your reply, exactly what I needed: someone sharing me his first months.

Go very slow and with what I can accomplish first like learning to crawl and then walk.

I will not hesitate to ask you a few questions when needed, thank you!



Hi deepeshfagna, and thank you for your precious tips.

You do have very interesting strategies.

And when you mention: “I started with 2-3 gigs and promoted my gigs through social sites”,

those are probably Facebook, LinkedIn and such.

Could you tell me, on those social sites: how did you promote them on those if I may ask?

-Would you have written on those sites your service with a simple link to Fiver?

-Would you have paid on those sites an announce and using a link to Fiver in your announce?

If not those two, how did you promote?

It would help me tremendously if you could tell me.

Thank you


Hi rebekahgillian,
I wish to thank you for sharing me your experiences, it does mean a lot to me.

I will be reading your answers over a few times again: very useful content.

I will be much less in the “dark” than I was two weeks ago thanks to you and others who replied.

Have a nice day!


Yes, I just my services on social sites. You forgot twitter which I use most.

I never used paid services.

i an all also new here

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Hi deepeshfagna,

Thanks a million times!