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I am alway in online but it show offline

Dear Sir,
I am trying to always stay online in fiver. Also, I refresh it 3-5 minute but it still appears offline. Like today I am online since 4 hours but still, now I can not see me online, Its gray. What should do now? Please advice.
I have checked my settings it ok.


Go to Account settings and click “online status” to online

i hope that you need to contact with fiverr customer support this is the best option

Sir, Account setting, it looks like ok.Screenshot_1

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I have just checked and you are showing as online.

This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone.


Sir, I am checking my Profile on another browser but showing .

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Tips to solve it ,

  1. refresh your browser or logging in and out
  2. switch to offline then online again from your account settings
  3. clear your browsing cache

You can use Fiverr mobile app

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