I am amazed at this buyer's request


I personally counted the all words used by one buyer who needed a simple logo. She used half a page to describe what she wanted,telling the history of her business,ownership,location etc. I also checked how many sellers applied, just 3
Do buyers really need to tell all these stories?


Yes, because some people might enjoy reading stories in any places they find them.

:arrow_up: (humor)


Will you start to cry, when the buyer stamps you with a 1 star after you fail to follow all the requirements?


I am a writer on fiverr and I sometimes get 1,500 words explaining to me how they want me to write their 600 word sales page, for example. I don’t see the logic. Some people do want to share their story with the world, but others just don’t know how to express themselves concisely.


There are three possible resolutions I can think about it.
1.That buyer is doing the right thing- to describe everything he/she needs, so sellers will send an offer if all requirements can be performed by them.
2.Some sellers will not bother to read everything, and they will send offer without reading and then get a bad review
3.Too big description will annoy some sellers, and they will skip.