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I am an artist from China. I can stay by my computer all day. I hope everyone can help me check my gig

I sincerely hope that everyone can help me.

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You are too expensive. It´s just: You don´t got any reviews.

I would actually order from him If i would need his services, his profile photo and samples are just too convincing.

Thank you for your reply. I reduced the price by five dollars. I just hope to help you design beautiful avatars.

Thank you for your praise and bless you.

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  • add more examples if you have
  • little improvement is needed in your english inside the description.
  • “perfect is not simple”, I don’t totally get this phrase, i think it is unnecessary.
  • improve the naming of your packages, you have “standard” for “basic” package, “good” for “standard” package, doesn’t make sense.

No he is not too expensive. Have you checked his record in the profile description? You can keep this prices, you are not obliged to sell at 5$.

Basically, you are good to go, take some advices from the people here and read the forum. It may take some time to start getting your irst orders.

I am a newbie and thank you for taking the time to reply. This is very important to me. I will listen to your suggestions to improve my gig.

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Hi, you are too good in your work… very best wishes for your upcoming projects :+1:

Thank you very much, and I will also wish you a higher achievement in fiverr.

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