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I am an extremely sarcastic a**hole

So we get so many “how do i get orders, look at my gig” posts on a daily basis.

Some people will recommend the academy.

I will recommend that the person remove his/her head out of his/her sunshine filled moon and read the 50+ other posts asking the same thing.

I think before anyone is allowed to put a gig, or at least before your first gig, you should be

FORCED to watch an intro video.

Which includes, how to market yourself, how to set yourself apart from hundreds other sellers providing same gigs as you.

Video available in 15+ different languages. THEN AND ONLY THEN will the first gig be approved.

It would cut down on the same type of posts that get the same replies like the 50+ other posts asking the same thing.

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this sort of comes to mind as the ideal method to show said video to newbies. :slight_smile:

I disagree. I enjoy the conversational opportunities that such posts open.


Miroslav this is not for everyone. It’s a mistake to think that anyone can successfully be a freelancer with some basic information.

I wouldn’t have called you sarcastic.


Fiverr is creating more and more of these videos, but I know most don’t watch:

I get it. Every now and then I also feel like answering “Why don’t you just quit and save your time? If you didn’t bother to read a couple of FAQs and watch some videos, you won’t last long”.

But then again you don’t need to reply to every post and you know that most of them will never make it. Usually, when I see a seller who has not put any effort into their gig description I just ignore them.

I’m more concerned about the sellers who manage to market themselves, but don’t provide a high quality service. Some buyers will give it another try, but there are plenty of buyers who will never come back to Fiverr thinking that that’s the quality you will get from here.


most don’t watch the other posts from other sellers asking the SAME questions with SAME answers.

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Maybe the questions should be more specific, how do graphic designers get orders, how accountants get orders, etc.

Most of the stuff I see on the forum isn’t specific enough.