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I am an information technology expert See in description

I am an expert in information technology and I want to make a gig
“I will proofread and improve your journal article.”
I want to know if I have these abilities but they are not listed in the Fiverr account.
I can do this or not.


Yes. If you have skill you can list Gigs for offering them.


Uh oh, you didn’t even proofread your own post here :grimacing:


Happy cake day, @marinapomorac!


oh this hurts :crazy_face:

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This is the first time I have seen Fiverr called Favor. But I have seen it called, Fiber as well as other variations.


Correct, some say fever. lmao :rofl:


Who both? Since when Fiverr became Favor according to grammarly? Since when it’s ok to put full stop instead of a question mark?

Those are noticeable even for non native speakers and if you are planning to offer services in that area you need to keep an eye on anything you write because even writing in the forum can push away some clients ordering from you.


I use Grammarly Pro, and it makes mistakes too. If you depend on any app to offer proofreading services for English speakers, but you are not fluent in English, you will be providing a poor service, and your customers will see that.

Grammarly did not pick up your error with Favor vs. Fiverr because since you capitalized Favor, it assumed it was a proper noun.

And I see you still have not our a question mark after the sentence:

That is a question and should have a question mark at the end of the sentence. However, Grammarly read it as a statement, so it did not tell you to put a question mark at the end.

Please do not offer services on Fiverr that you are not qualified to do. It reflects badly on you, and your buyers will give you poor reviews; whoever told you that providing proofreading services is as easy as using Grammarly free or even Grammarly Pro lied to you. It is not.

As @marinapomorac said, “IF YOU HAVE SKILLS.” It is very apparent you do not.

I just looked at your proofreading gig. Wow, it is set up so you will be taken advantage of by every unscrupulous buyer out there. :grimacing: