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I am angry now.

For example, I asked the seller a.

The seller gave me a b.
And made an excuse that did not give me a.

I was angry.

I told the seller.

"I can not write this, I will throw it away.

But the seller replied to me.

“What’s the problem?”


If this is the case, can I be angry with the seller?

I was actually angry with the seller.

But the seller said to me.

“You are a demanding customer.”


According to the terms of service, “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional”.
The TOS also says:

Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.


What was an excuse not to give you “a” - what you requested?
Is it significantly different or is it just a bad quality?

I’m guessing that there was a bit of a communication problem here.
You asked for an Abut the seller gave you B, but I think it can either be seen as an explanation or an excuse. Maybe you didn’t provide enough information, or there was a limit to what the seller can do, and therefore you ended up getting a B?

Either way, “throw away” sounds a bit too harsh unless the seller gave you
rubbish for no good reason.


I can understand how you would be angry. You can ask for a refund of what you paid. If you don’t get it you can contact customer support and tell them what happened. It is possible they can help.

It must be a new trend: the crossword question.
Have fun guessing what is a, what is b, what were the requirements and what was the description of the Gig.
When in doubt:

  • ask for a revision
  • ask to CS
  • “the borders of Honduras” is HS.

Communication should be friendly from both side. (Seller and buyer)
If you some not delivering what you were looking for then you can ask for revisions from him. If he reject to do revision then you can simply contact with the support team. But revision should be from the main project. If you need any additional revision then you should pay the seller for that additional revision.

not understood the whole story

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  1. I asked for an order.

My order requests were a and b.

  1. The seller ignored my b request. (a is a success.)

I gave the product to me.

  1. And the seller told me. “Your request (b) is impossible. I can not do it now.”

  2. I saw the product.

  3. It was sick.

  4. I was angry.

  5. I have argued. "Are you kidding me?

“Why do you ignore my order requirements?”

  1. The seller made an excuse.

“I tried my best, for you !!!”

“b is impossible!”

“I can not order this!”

  1. But … I was a regular customer of this seller. (Total of 5 orders)

  2. I was disappointed with this seller.

  3. I asked the seller for another modification. (The seller can do)

  4. But … the seller refused.

My opinion

  1. To the seller, b was impossible.

  2. Good.

  3. Then, before making the product, she should have told me.

  4. But … he told me after I made the product.

“b is impossible”

  1. wtf???

my fault

  1. I was too sensitive.

  2. I made the seller feel bad.

"oh my god … what is this?

It’s really bad. "

The seller’s fault

  1. The seller did not communicate with me.

  2. Before the seller made the product, the seller had to tell me.

“b is impossible, what should I do?”

  1. But the seller said after making the product.

“Sorry b is impossible.”

You should know.

  1. It is a video product.

  2. Video can not be modified.

  3. The seller must re-create.

Could you let is know what A and B are?
If we knew what B was we’d know if it was possible (though not whether it was possible for that seller).
What is a live action video and so the seller has to recreate it and not modify it? Normally video can be modified, that’s why there’s “video editing”.

Having said that, if B was in the original order specification and the seller cannot do B you could make a cancellation request. You could also contact CS about the order if necessary, like specified in the other thread.

If B is possible, you could contact other sellers to do A and B or put in a buyer request for it. You could message the new seller to make sure they could do both before ordering.


It also depends on his gig. If B doesn’t fall under the gig description it means that it shouldn’t be included in the order. As for revision: does he offer unlimited revisions? If so then he has to provide a revision and if not you can contact support and cancel the order. However if his gig doesn’t offer revisions it’s his right to refuse it.

However you are right that seller should’ve communicate this before delivering his work. But right now there are still a lot of gaps in the story and as @uk1000 mentioned it will be easier if you can share with us what is it exactly you requested


a b ,b a is confusing…

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Without seeing every message before, during and after the delivery, the delivery itself, the gig description etc. none of us can make an informed decision, or offer any help.

Best suggestion - if you’re not happy, please sort it out directly with the seller and CS, otherwise it’s a stab in the dark for everybody.


I am confused too. What is A and B :astonished::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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what is a and b.i dnt know