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I am annoyed to some extent

Can someone tell me why buyers don’t respond to your “Order”… for Example if a request is posted in Buyers Request and an Order was submitted, Why don’t buyers have the manners to at least say to the person submitting the Order that their submission was not successful.

As someone working in HR for years I have learnt that it give applicants a sense of appreciation when employers reply.

FIVERR should consider.

When you submit your proposal to a buyer, you could be one of dozens doing so.

The buyer might choose to go with one or more of the sellers, or none of them at all.

I don’t think it’s a lack of buyer manners that leads them not to reply, it’s simply that there may be too many to have time to reply to.

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pardon me… but companies responds to millions of applicants daily. a simple you were not successful even if its after the job is completed won’t kill anyone.

I created my gig 2 month ago, send about 122 request got two order.
So i understand process is frustrating but your solution is not the right one. There may be 15-20 people send buyer request. What you want to do that buyer should respond to 19 people. That’s too much buyer does not owe us any thing it is not buyer lack manner

and second as i told you i send 122 request i also don’t want buyer to respond to me if he don’t want to place the order i don’t want to write 122 thank you note either.

and it does not serve any purpose as when i did not get the order i knew i did not get it. I don’t need no confirmation.

one one thing about buyer request and it is my opinion.
Most of the people who post buyer request are not serious people and some time even seller post buyer request and have no intention of giving order.

So keep working hard.


But the buyers here aren’t companies with HR departments - they’re often, like me, just one person using Fiverr to hire people to do small jobs for them. Buyers aren’t sellers’ employers, and nor should they be.


No they don’t it was robot who responded to you. That’s why every rejection mail is same. if you see one spelling error in one mail you can bet they have that spelling error in every mail.


I guess it’d be possible for Fiverr to send out automated messages telling applicants they’ve been unsuccessful. If you applied to 10 BRs every day, the messages would really start to clog up your inbox, though.