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I am Arnab , 95% Physically ChallengedBecome a Level 1 Seller!

Hello all,
I am Become a Level 1 Seller! after a lot of fight in my life. As you know I am know 95% Physically Challenged doing freelancing for full time.
Already I have shared my story with an another online marketplace.
For five violation I can`t share that link.

Anyway, I am happy now. Working hard for next achievement

My English is very poor . So very sorry for that. I am practicing this language still now.


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Congratulations brother, God bless you.

Congrats, please share how do you do it

Can I share here of my life story with my real picture? (its an external link outside if fiveer)

External links are not allowed. You could make a blog on blogger and put the link in your profile however. It must be on

So, Here is my story link (this is blogger link)

Congrats Brother… Never Give up in Life… People like you inspire us a Lot… Thank you Bro !


Also happy to see, another successful Indian seller here.

Nice work! Since we are not allowed to have outside files here in the forum maybe you could put the link in your profile instead. This might get removed because of the link here.

What do you mean? Should I removed blogger link from here?

You are hero !!!

Well any outside link on the forum is against the rules but no one is going to report this one probably.

Dear Arnab, I read your blog post and I really inspired to see your courage , your world. I honored you brother. carry on your effort. You will success one day, fiverr is a place where you can success. Thanks

Very inspiring. I hope you reach Level 2 Seller soon. Keep up the good work!

Congrats, great work and all the best.


Thank you, but I am afraid if someone report me for sharing this link then I will be out and ban from fiverr. But I have shared my real life story with all of you only for emotionally. Bcz I know how I achieve this stage. Why I am here. That was a long story that I know and still fighting with my life and working for living alone in future.

Awesome Job!! Great guy! worked very fast.5 star rating!!

I read your blog and I hope that you will inspire many people (or probably you have). Keep up the good work!