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I am back after verifying with passport

Three days ago I am back in Fiverr by verify my profile with passport. I was outside fiverr for more than four month. I worked good and have a good review. Now I want to know, how could I get new order and start again.


Hallow dear,

Suggest you remove the above from your website gig description, as lots of people don’t like to be called dear, and it does not come across as professional.

It will put many buyers off.

Also in the title and the URL (which can’t be changed) you have a misspelling of the word “create”.

Suggest you check all of your gigs for spelling errors.

Attention to detail is very important and mistakes will put buyers off.

They will just move on to buy from someone else.


Thanks for your vital information. I think I will create new gigs.

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