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I am badly disappointed for not getting orders


I don’t know what should i do now to get orders as i have created mannny Gigs but just got a few orders and from last 2 weeks not even single order … tried tried tried and TRIED but all in vain …Fiver Team Kindly help me 8->


You have 18 gigs and they’re all just different ways of saying “I will create a logo”? That’s kind of weird… how about gig diversity if you want more orders?


The key is feedback. If you can get ONE family member or friend to order a gig from you, this will help you tremendously. The more positive feedback you get, the more orders you get.



The “key” is patience.

Too many gigs at the start may not be the best strategy.

Take one of your gigs and concentrate on improving its description and keywords. Use that one gig to get orders to move you up a level and continue tweaking it. Add extras. Once you have one gig humming, then begin adding other gigs.

Good luck!


Reply to @angelmystress: Actually that is not allow on Fiverr and for that you can get banned …

Have a nice day!


Reply to @shore_marketing: yes i tried in that way toooo just to stay visible to the viewers of new gigs !


Reply to @angelmystress: Thanks.

But all of 8 orders which i got can show the positive feedback then whatelse…


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks a lot. For how long should I wait after publishing a Gig?


Every one share log of valuable tips, Thanks



Good question…

I don’ think its a defined time frame. Once you have one gig working and generating orders, your buyers will start asking for other things, related and non-related.

Once you see a trend in what they want, you can either; add it as an extra to your main gig, or create a new gig around what they ask for.

I think its key to get one gig working so you that you will…

  1. get orders
  2. get positive feedback
  3. go up a couple levels
  4. add some extras

    I find if you have a solid gig (as in any business), a big component is getting repeat buyers. If buyers like you and your work is great, they have no reason to look anywhere else and will come to rely on you.

    The more repeats you get, you more you find they have other needs. If those needs fall within your skill set, you can offer them more, and subsequently offer those to attract more new buyers, who may not have needed your original offer, but now need your new offer. The cycle just keeps repeating.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks once again !

I will be waiting for that Gig which will work and generate orders. Till then I have nothing to do instead of creating new gigs :stuck_out_tongue: and reading posts…AAHH…

8-> 8-> 8->


Reply to @daydesign1: Hi! I did not mean to have someone order from you and just place a positive view, just because of relation(I assume this is what you meant?). I mean to promote yourself to the people close to you and suggest they order your gig.


Review* not view =p


From my experience. Firstly I created couple of gigs which I don’t even count on now. :slight_smile: Then I started to check buyer requests… whole day… when I found something which I could do - I submitted for a proposal and when I got positive replies - Ijust created gigs for buyers’ purposes. one gig of that… two gigs of those… and so on. After getting level 1 - things become much easier:) you’ll understand how things work around here and can identify yourself in this marketplace to deliver something outstanding, unique, what you do the best!


I am a Buyer. I go by ratings, reviews, and overall your presentation. Change your picture, and write a more professional & appealing gig description. First impression and aesthetics are your door to get more gigs.


#1 Pro tip - Your account is what we call Spam here.

#2 Pro Tip - You are flooding an already flooded market here. Everyone makes logos.

#3 Pro Tip - Make a video for EVERY EVERY EVERY EVERY gig. And work with 1-3 making them slightly different not 5 all the same.

#4 Change your profile pic , honestly you look 13. =(