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I am Badly stucked on FIVERR

Hi, I joined Fiverr in Nov, 2017. My first buyer did not give me a review. I am also getting low resonse on Buyer Requests, last delivery time is 3 months ago. GOD!!!
what can i do?


Hi! It’s never good being in your situation, but there is a few things you can do.

  • Market yourself outside fiverr. Use, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anything that may help.
  • Try making contributions in other forums and put your link at the end of your posts in case somebody is interested.
  • Improve your SEO titles, gig title, gig description based on the most used keywords on fiverr.
  • You can launch a web page and point it to your gig on fiverr.
  • Create a few specific gigs within your area.

Your goal should be to have the best traffic you can get, and then once you have the traffic, you have to convert those users into customers.
This are a few advices but you can use your imagination and create more and more solutions. Everything that may help should be welcome.

I wish you great sales!


@sauringalue Thank you so much for your detailed answer. Much appreciated. But I am already doing all of these, you have mentioned.
If I share my URL, shall you give it a review? Maybe you can see where the problem exists?

You offer digital marketing, but you’re unable to successfully market your own services. That might make potential customers believe that your services aren’t worth spending on.


That’smy point. i am doing all sharing and I have increasing impressions, views and clicks. I don’t know why there is no order. Anyways, thanks a lot for getting in to help me out :slight_smile:

@sauringalue [quote=“sauringalue, post:2, topic:223271, full:true”]

  • You can launch a web page and point it to your gig on fiverr.
    May I know a little about it? can I add an external website link to my gig?
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@hedayetsaadi556 Hello, You can create your webpage or blog or facebook page and share your gig links there.

@shainamansuri I understand. Thank you

No, it doesn’t work backwards.
The idea is to create a website and put a link of your gig in there.

@shainamansuri the problem seems to be convertion rate. As I’m not expert in your field, but I think you should improve your selling speech. Remember to have a “catchy solution” that would make the buyers need your service.

what conversion rate is good you think? I had almost 4% before I share my gigs on Facebook, G+, Linkedin and Twitter. I got views and clicks but the conversion rate is 1.96% now. Sharing my gig decreased the rate!!!

:rofl: It is normal to see your conversion rate decrease after a traffic rush. I’ve had 10% conversion rate with 10 views but that would be the highest conversion rate in the world for a normal website.
Once my traffic increased, my conversion rate decreased and stablished for a while in a solid 3%.
After a “down” in fiverr sales it went to 0,80%.
In my experience, anything above 1,5% or 2% with a good traffic is a good conversion rate. But, those numbers definitely change depending on the field of work and many other stuff.

thank you so much for the reply. I loved your suggestion for sharing gig through the webpage. I have my own website but this thing did not come to my mind to do blogging.for gigs. I will start blogging to get traffic to my gigs.

It’s great I could help you!
If you need a voice over artist in spanish, you know where to find me! :smile:
Best regards

Yes, I know and have visited your profile. You have excellent review and 5-star rating.