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I am Batman

Too many unscrupulous sellers, and the City (Fiverr, Inc) doesn’t care. Well, I do. I’m putting on my cape/cowl, and I will lampoon you. Then Ill drag your beaten broken name into the forum for the commissioner to arrest you.

So watch out. Im coming.

Is that a threat ?

Why so serious?

Throws battarang

Hey, if your a good seller, you have nothing to worry about. If your a bad seller, then its battarang time.

Holy scrupled sellers, Batman!

swings from a building somewhere

Here’s the real question… Why Batman? Why?

Seriously though. Don’t you have enough of your own issues to worry about than other peoples? Just sayin’.


I’m sorry Batman, Gotham belongs to us. But seriously probably not a good idea. Be sure to read the forum rules:

And I will join in and give kudos to @ozzieuk too. Calling out other members on the forum is not permitted. Play nice. :smiley:

Batman doesn’t have to string up every crook on a lamp-post - probably it will serve his purposes to leave totally honest reviews which - if you ask me - can be a lot more dangerous for the unprofessional sellers than anything written in the forum.

Batman, can you raise my sales?! :-/

Some people just want to watch the world burn

>>>>All posts: containing abusive language, with derogatory name calling or that negatively calls out another user will be removed. Any violation of this will result in the removal of the comment or discussion and may result in the removal of the responsible member from the forum.

Technically, if what I say is the truth, and an honest review of a service I got from a seller…how can that be derogatory or negative? I am simply reporting on the level of service I got for my gig. Those who write laws with words, have to abide by the literal interpretation of those words.

Now, if I were to verbally abuse you with a comic strip, like someone did to me…that might be derogatory or negative towards me.

How I imagine OP

Well, I’ll be sure to avoid your gigs Kay.

I see one post about “Why am I not getting sales?” And another post about "Should I do this gig for free?"

I have not named or shamed anyone yet. In fact, this post was in reference to a producer who wanted to refund me so badly, just to have my negative posting removed. I review fairly and consistantly when I order. Of three recent orders, two were complete duds and I believe fraudulent to the point of scams. What amazes me is both of those who I consider scam artists were begging me to accept the refund in order to get the negative post removed.

So, if your tired of your sales being low; ask yourself why they are low. If your passive aggressive towards your customers (I am not a producer at all on Fiverr); can you really blame them from staying away from you?

Kay; I am a paying customer. It is my right to complain if I feel the need. I’ve worked in retail and service work; if you’ve sunk to my level (which your little comic strip exceeded my level as I was having some fun hyperbole and had not named anyone)…you’ve lost. Congradulations on never getting my business nor the business of anyone who reads this post.

Like I said, if you are a good seller, you have nothing to worry about. If you are getting defensive over this, or my sense of entitlement (because I’m buying something) welcome to the real world. There is a reason for the saying “The Customer is Always Right”. My bad attitude doesn’t hurt any business of mine. Yours could well hurt your own.


Probably the best argument on the forum countering me. And you are right, I have better things to do. I was airing out a few frustrations as it were, over a lousy set of gigs.

However, it served a great secondary purpose, and identified a few users who feel the need to defend the nebulous defined ‘bad seller’. Literally, if I’ve given you no definition for what I mean by bad seller, nor named anyone…isn’t the safe thing to do just agree? Surely, you are not a bad seller right?

Just be copasetic people.

So you can swing from the building and I can’t even post a pic showing that ?

I’m not even a mod here. I didn’t even warn you or anything.

I’m not even speaking on the topic. You just seemed a funny guy so I was just mixing in.

You can derive your prophecies based on my comments. But I highly doubt that they will be true.

Ironically, the text in the comic seems pretty relevant right now.

@knightwolf - I actually applaud you if you are willing to loose your Fiverr to write an honest review. Not many people do that. I have, once. The gig was so bad I just had to write my experience to warn other people. Sometimes, loosing 5 bucks is the lesser of 2 evils.

It would shock me if Fiverr actually got rid of a consumer over writing an actual review of bad service. In fact, any company that would ban me for trying to tell truth, well, I wouldn’t want to give my business to them anyhow.

Kay; I’m copacetic. I can’t predict for anyone else but me. But again, customer service. Its not really a smart thing to get into forum fights with customers, and in the next breadth wonder about the lack of sales. Not saying you do, just stating what I’ve seen from other users in the forum, and how there might be some correlation and causality between those two things.