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I am becoming frustrated

I created my fiverr account before a long time ago. But I understood nothing and left fiverr. I again came back here before about 20 days. I have sent 60 offers to the buyers. 4 of the buyers contacted me. But the main problem is I am not getting order. What can I do?

I am becoming mad. Please help me. But still I like this marketplace.

I’m sorry, but getting angry is not going to help your situation.

Here are some things I’ve noticed.

Your t-shirt gig has only one image, and with all respect, the design is not impressive at all
and is far from being a “Professional” quality.
For your Photoshop editing gig, why in the world are you using those blood-dripping
fonts?? I’m sure that’s not what you have in mind but I seriously questions your decision.
Your business card design gig image says “mock-up design by webvillapl/Freepik”
I’m guessing that’s not you.
If my image was being used without my permission, I’d be mad.


Sir, thanks for your advise. I am also agree with you. But I have sent only 4 offers with these gigs. What about the rest.

By the way, I am working for solving the problems. Please suggest more.

Thank you.

I am becoming frustrated.


Guess what,same here…:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Please describe clearly. What do you want to say.

@zeus777, who is a lady by the way, has already been kind enough to offer helpful suggestions on 50% of your gigs.

Also, it does not matter that you only sent 4 offers with those gigs. Buyers will look at your whole profile and if it is not to their liking then they will pass you by, :wave: