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I am beginner on fiverr

hey there. i am new on fiverr and i made gig offering the best i can serve. But i am confused because i got no response. its been 2 days. what should i do? How can I get my first order?


Welcome to Fiverr, just keep on going there are many posts on here which you may read to get your first order. Its not necessary that every buyer request you offer gives you order Just keep yourself consistent here with what you do and eventually you will start receiving orders.
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It can take some sellers months to get their first order. Who is your target market?

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and Online Lessons

can you please visit my Gig and guide me how can I make it more appealing and where I am lacking much?

This is what you want to provide. Who are you trying to provide it to?

Welcome on fiverr @aliza09 and wish you all the best.


Welcome @aliza09 and Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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students of healthcare and biology

Okay, so you now know who your market is. Next question: Where is your target market, in terms of online activity?

well I dont know much about it.

Since you’ve recently come out of college yourself, I’m sure you’re no stranger to doing research. This is how you need to view this. Research it like you would for a university paper.

Research about ? I havent got any order yet.

Where is your target market, in terms of online activity?

You already know ‘who’, time to find ‘where’.

If you like, you can also research: “How do I find my target market?”

(Hint: Where did you graduate from? Are there still students taking the classes that you did?)

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