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I am being logged out whenever i click something. Bug?

I am being logged out whenever i click a tab. Like if i click, buyer request, earning, inbox or switch to buying, i am logged out and i have to log in again. I cleared my history, cookies and cache. Is anyone else facing this?


Most likely this problem is coming from your browser…This problem is new to me so I can’t say exactly what the problem is but you can reinstall the browser.Or you can login to another browser and see if there is a browser problem or a fiverr problem.

It happened to me too.

Clear the cache and cookies from your browser. Restart your computer too (not mandatory but it worked for me), and you should be fine.


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I did this already but still facing this. Is it a bug or what?

Update the browser maybe? Switch to another browser?

If it is the same after clearing the cache and cookies, then my recommendation is to install a new browser and use.

I haven’t face this problem but I think that you should Restart your browser By closing all the software first. Then clear Cache Memory Cookies then restart your pc It should be fix

Hmm will try Edge. Though I am using Chrome.

I have the same issue with Chrome

No problem faced on edge yet. Will shift back to chrome after a few days. I hope it gets fixed on chrome.

Most of the time, it’s just due to the cache and cookies on Chrome. I had the same issue a few days ago, then after clearing the cache a few times it stopped. I prefer Chrome because I got used to it to be honest.

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