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I am being penalized by FIVERR with threat to be demoted WHY?


The buyer contracted with me for a campaign and a script. When I knew I was going to be late the first time due to an issue in my family I asked him if he would like a refund. He said no. Then I delivered the scripts he said he needed (I gave him 2 scripts instead of one). Then I wrote the campaign and kept editing it because I wanted to get it right.

He kept trying to get out of the order AFTER he got what he wanted plus an extra script. He keeps hitting revise and/or refund, so I asked what was wrong. He tells me that he contacted me for PRs and he needs a free PR.

I knew he’d give me a bad review so I said sure I’ll write a FREE one.

Now he wants MORE because --I have no idea. Normally this would not bother me, but he contacted Fiverr to get me penalized and guess what FIVERR did it. They threatened me to appease him or lose my seller status.


Have you asked customer support to simply cancel the order? Or just accept his demand for a refund?


I wrote them angrily. What bothers me is that they sent me the warning and threat to penalize me without really looking into what happened. Some of these buyers just do this to get a bunch of stuff and not pay for it.


Things like that have happened to me too, there are buyers who make trouble to get things free, and fiverr not protect us as sellers always give the reason to the buyer without looking at what happened and that is reflected in your statistics, canceling a Order the only one that loses is the seller because your gig sends it to the bottom and they do not show it anymore.


That’s terrible…Do you have messages from the buyer asking for free stuff and making unreasonable demands. If you do, why not send screenshots to CS.


The first red flag you should have seen from this buyer was when they were asking for free stuff, even after you had overdelivered. I don’t know what really went down, but judging from what you have here, I think you already have all you need to make a solid case and win this dispute.

I wish you luck with Fiverr CS

PS Next time you’re making CS, try to keep an even head. I’ve come to find out that they reply better, and warmer, when you set the tone that way first.


I suspect that when a buyer complains to CS that there is a canned response that is sent which sets out what happens when a seller is unprofessional; not to say you were but I doubt they even look to see what happened.

The ball is then in your court to explain to CS what happened which I suggest doing calmly and clearly.
Aside from that, you have nearly 1000 reviews, you should be way beyond the idea of having to do work for free to avoid a negative. You offered to cancel initially, they said no, you delivered - end of story. You can choose to offer something extra to make up for being late etc but that should be at your discretion if you think it is warranted, not because they ask for it.
If the buyer then decides to leave a negative then they are unreasonable and the best way to deal with people who are unreasonable is to not deal with them.

Once a seller gives free work I believe it sets off a JACKPOT sound in some buyer’s heads as they realize they have you at their mercy. You need to remember that while reviews are important, 1 review means nothing.


I agree. The thing is when I have stood my ground and refuse they will give me a 1 start. When I give in, I’m still penalized by the algorithms.

It’s so frustrating. :frowning:


When you know you have done the work well and the buyer leaves a bad review then just shrug it off. You get paid when you refuse and you are also sure that the buyer won’t try it again with you so that’s a good reason to not give in. Honestly, cancelling only seems like a good idea at the time, it really isn’t. Offering things that no reasonable buyer would expect only attracts unreasonable people so things like money back guarantees, unlimited revisions and cancelling to avoid negatives should be avoided by everyone but definitely by anyone with over 50 reviews.


To be honest, no matter what happened this was a mistake. When a buyer complains, Support has to try to assess the situation and it’s often more than one department at Fiverr that gets involved. Editorial or T&S departments may have to review the issue and CS sometimes sends out basic information (yes, canned responses) while that may be ongoing. The person who has to send that message from the Support team may not even have much to do with anything except to serve as someone who gets bad news from buyers or other departments and has to work with angry users on all sides.

When you take out your frustration on that Support person even if you were treated poorly by a buyer, it rarely goes well for you. It gets the emotions of the Support person involved in a negative way. Since they so often get slammed as messengers, they go on the defensive when someone jumps on them.

It may be hard, but the best thing to do is to always be polite and professional when writing to Support, no matter how the situation feels. The old saying about honey catching more flies than vinegar is the truth. So, I haven’t got much else for you and this may not be fixable now, but in the future I would sure suggest not taking your anger out on others while working with business matters.


It goes both ways though. I’ve worked in customer support for three years and I’ve had to ensure angry and cussing customers who tell me all sorts of things and I’ve had to listen and let them rant before responding to them in a kind manner. That’s the job of a CSR representative so Support should know how to handle all kinds of customers including the irate one and responding in a negative way to someone who is upset never solves anything. The cycle will never end if when one person is upset, we all get upset. Yes, they are humans too but when you work in Support, you are trained not to take things personally, overlook the ranting and get to the root of the matter. Sometimes it takes one simple kind response to diffuse the situation.


I don’t disagree with you, but experience just tells me that if you want the most positive outcome from the whole experience, it’s best to rein in the anger with Support. The ranting pot of the forum is good for some venting or telling friends how you really, REALLY feel, but Support tickets aren’t ideal places to vent. Maybe they should be, I can’t really say what their situation is beyond my experience, but I’ve learned what gets people in deeper and what helps them get out instead. :slight_smile:


I agree with fonthaunt. It not only is unprofessional to get hostile at anyone on fiverr but especially customer support, but it invariably will not get you what you want.

Maintaining a professional attitude when dealing with customer support along with screenshots of all conversations you have had with the buyer is the best way to have
things go your way.

After you did that they probably will no longer read any more from you.


I must admit, I don’t get it when people complain about customer support. I’m not saying what happen to them didn’t happen, but I bug CS all the time and even though I don’t always like their answers, they have always, always, always been super polite and even apologetic at times when I was a little upset.

I’m torn because what happen to the OP should of never happen but I never experienced anything short of professionalism by the CS staff and believe me, I have bugged them to death over the years.


yes… this is good idea…


I will clarify. I was angry when I wrote them. I was not abusive or mean because you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I explained the scenario several times. Each time they skimmed and gave me the reason I was censured is using the delivery button in appropriately. I had to explain 4x and screen shot what the buyer ordered to get through to them that I had already delivered what he asked for, he just asked for more. That’s why I hit deliver because I had already delivered what’s in the gig. I asked “Do I need to attach the files each time?”

Then it was “We’re sorry you had that experience but we try to be impartial”.

We give Fiverr 20% and I feel like they can do a little more for that 20% especially since they take it off the tips, too. I deal with constant bugs, poor analytics because of them (my bugs are always the same thing-can’t see my orders), and lack of response (I get the “Sorry this feature is unavailable”). If you can’t fix these things, if you will err on the side of the buyer, then why 20%?

I’m reading all of these people who have been here for years and seeing their gigs reset. I just feel like they could do better by us.