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I am cheating? Or you envy?

Sheriff's Note: Please do not post images that show your buyer's usernames. The image showing the usernames was removed.

Did you contact customer support about it ? what did they say exactly ?

ryuuichi said: So I can't use the lv2 avatar? Oh i didn't knew that
Sorry if I sound mean here, but you not "knowing" that you can't use the badge sounds like a no-no, and that itself comes across as being quite unprofessional. There might be another reason for you being reported, but I can picture a picky ( or jealous) seller/buyer seeing you being successful, and then decided to pick on you after seeing the level 2 badge.

Having that said, I get the feeling all Fiverr had to do was just send you a warning message
telling you to remove the badge image, so I can’t really tell what the reason is.
I hope you get a clear reply soon. It could take a few days for them to respond.

Reply to @onlinedzshop: Yes, i contacted in this morning but I didn’t receive any response from them, may be it will take a few day for this. So bad :frowning:

Reply to @ryuuichi: I read you’re other topic and I think you were restricted because of using the level 2 badge picture as a profile picture and that’s not allowed because it’s considered as misleading other users to thinking you’re a level 2 seller, I know you have experience on other websites but you can’t use the level 2 badga as a profile picture without earning it

Reply to @onlinedzshop: So I can’t use the lv2 avatar? Oh i didn’t knew that, thanks for your information. But fiverr notice said I was reported by Someone because for being unprofessional :frowning: So I think may be the reason is not my profile picture :frowning:

Reply to @zeus777: Oh, I got it. Thank you for comment. However, as you said, I think someone reported me because he/she envies. Now, I just have a question about “rule for report on Fiverr”. You know, it isn’t justice when my account was limited because of a unknown report, although it didn’t enclose any proof. Maybe Fiverr protect buyers very good, but how about sellers? I am working-hard to earn and save money for my life, and anybody can destroy my everything by a charge even he/she is never one of my customers!

Reply to @ryuuichi:
I doubt anyone reported you because they were envious. According to your posted screenshots, you’ve only made $68 here on Fiverr… that’s not a lot of income to be envious about. I’m fairly certain that the issue is/was entirely related to your use of the Level 2 badge and representing yourself on Fiverr as someone you were not.

Perhaps someone reported you for that (which they are allowed to do), and Fiverr responded as they did to enforce their rules.

It’s time to pull back on the conspiracy theory angle, and move forward. The issue appears to have been addressed, responded to, and settled. Dwelling on what is past will only cause you frustration. Look to the future. Work to establish yourself here on Fiverr as a seller who follows the rules and represents yourself appropriately. If you aren’t breaking any rules, Fiverr won;t have any need to take any corrective action.

Reply to @ryuuichi: I also imagine that the level 2 image used as a profile picture was the reason for the suspension, which may be permanent or may be temporary. If someone reported you for being unprofessional due to the level 2 image, there would have been no need for proof since you posted the image yourself.

Your best bet is to careful read the Fiverr Terms of Service and the forum Do’s and Dont’s before continuing activity on Fiverr. For example, another rule is that you cannot have multiple accounts, If it turns out that Fiverr wants to reactivate your original account, now that you have a second one that could cause you a big problem. So, anyway, the basic issue here is that you need to be responsible for your own actions and then you won’t get into trouble.