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I am completely new and have my first order!

I have an order, my first. The buyer has paid and I have her order ready to go. I don’t have an address for her to send it to. Do I ask the customer? and what of the money, I can’t link my paypal to it, I have this payoneer thing that is confusing. Thanks in advance!

You must not give/ask any personal adress/email.
You deliver the order through the order page (send a message with the file).
If you have received an order, that means that your seller has already paid the order to Fiverr. You’ll be paid by Fiver after the delivery.

but my order is an actual object, not a file I need to mail it to the buyer.

OK, when you setup your GIG you should’ve made it easy for the buyer(s). Gigs that require physical delivery. Add a Please provide your shipping address via the requirements page, and make sure you that the mandatory box is checked :white_check_mark:. The order will not start until the buyer provides the necessary info to complete the order. Simply send a polite note to the buyer (Order page) requesting the address.

:pushpin: Please take some time to read the Help & Edu Center.


Thank you very much, I will do this.

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You’re very welcome, Lori! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you hit a snag, don’t hesitate to ask the Community or CS.

Thumbs up, thank you again!

To be honest, Fiverr is really structured best for digital goods. You can sell shipped goods, but that’s something that is much easier done on other sites. If you really want to sell shipped goods on Fiverr you will need to look at lots of gigs that have worked for other people and write an excellent gig description.

You’ll need to ask for the details you need in your requirements. Even then, I sometimes see people with buyers who try to claim they didn’t receive anything or that it came too late. Good luck, you may need it!

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why you need her address?
is it a physical thing that needs a shipping delivery?