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I am confused, how to charge my custom for long term specific projects


The customer has asked me that he wants to work with me on a long term project.
He wants me to write a biography for his DAD, which he told me that he will provide me data day by day related to day to day events.

So, now I am confused about what should be the procedure to charge my customer.
Should I go for the milestone procedure or should I for the custom offer each day.?

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I am not familiar with your category but the Buyer´s requirement sounds strange to me.

Why would they be providing information day by day? Forever?

They can collect what they need and submit all at once. You could create custom offer for eg 10.000 words or something…

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The initial order must be for at least $100 to qualify for milestones. I tried milestones once and did not like it. The seller does not get paid until all of the milestones are complete.

It is better to make an offer for so many words written in so many days and then make a new custom offer after you complete the first part.

I have made an offer to proofread a book for X amount of dollars, divide the total price into 4, and then I make a new custom offer for each part of the book. I tell the buyer we can see if we are a good fit for one another in this way.

Also, I like getting paid more quickly.