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I am confused! i need a mentor to #fiver_through_me! :D 😇


you will make money he said;
join, its easy, he said;
but where is he now that i need him?
“im kindaf in the middle of an exam. cant #fiver_through you right now.” he said :expressionless:
who’s gonna help me through my path to #fiver_greatness?
i humbly seek thy help future sensei :smiley:
I’m a singer, writer (poems, song and creative writings) :wink:


Dear Jin:

Sellers on Fiverr generally don’t have time for mentoring.

If you search the platform, you can find Sellers that offer gigs that help you do well.

Otherwise, it’s best to mentor yourself. See the TOP SECRET Tips and Tricks below.

I am not volunteering to be your mentor – I do not have time.

Good luck,

[details=Click Here for TOP SECRET Tips and Tricks
Never Contact a Seller on Fiverr to Ask for FREE STUFF!]
Be sure to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, Fiverrcast, and Support.

I suggest you check out Fiverrcast episode 08: Working Through Language Barriers.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist. Please study this thread to better appreciate what I’m talking about here. It should take you a minimum of 4 weeks to make your way through all the material.

If you haven’t already read Strengths Finder 2.0 and taken that assessment, I suggest you do so, because it should give you the language to express your strengths and help you to brainstorm some gigs for which you are especially well qualified. Check out the writing of Chris Guillebeau and Tim Ferriss. By Josh Kaufman, I recommend The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!
and The Personal MBA. Also, you could read Influence by Robert Cialdini and Get Anyone to Do Anything by David J. Lieberman.

Here’s a thread discussing a specific example of a Buyer Request for which I created a gig and then asked for help improving that gig via the forum.

Improve My Gig Checklist
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[details=Should I build my gig so no communication is necessary, or should I tell the Buyer to contact me before they Buy?]I once tried (very unsuccessfully) to sell cars. I remember a 17-year-old kid coming in to testdrive a Camaro. Being desperate, I agreed, and he took me on one of the more terrifying rides of my life. And he never did buy that Camaro!

Afterwards, the top sales person at the dealership told me that the way he handles that type of kid is to tell them, “Come back with your Dad!” That was a teachable moment about the importance of qualifying your Buyers.

I’ve been thinking about the people who have been complaining about Sellers buying complicated gigs without contacting them first.

There are 2 schools of thought on this issue:

  1. build your gig so that no communication is necessary. Keep it simple and limit choices.
  2. my gig must be custom, and there are so many IMPLICIT choices, I have to communicate with the Buyer to avoid problems or expectations mismatches.

I’ve not really been having problems with this. Even people who have no business trying to order one of my gigs are pretty good about contacting me first.

In thinking about this issue, I’ve reached the conclusion that this is because I don’t just say, “Contact me before you order.” I give a REASON why:

Why choose me:
Because I am a hard worker with a strong work ethic.
Because I respond quickly and deliver on time.
Because I’m easy to work with.

Why NOT choose me:
Please view my sample images for the basic type of pieces I am offering for this simple gig. If you have an elaborate info-graphic with more than 7 discrete elements, I am not a good choice for you.
I DO NOT USE PHOTOSHOP. GIMP can import and export .psd, and can do many of the things that PhotoShop does, but if you are a PhotoShop purist or require some arcane PhotoShop functionality not found in GIMP, I am not a good choice for you.

Please contact me before you order this gig. It’s important that we have good communication and clear understanding of expectations. I’ll do my best to accommodate you. Every gig I perform helps me to improve my skills. Your feedback helps me to improve my future gigs!

I just want to suggest that people who are having difficulty along these lines might want to A / B test adding wording like this to their gigs, to see if it makes a difference.

You might need to move some stuff around. Fortunately, each FAQ you add gives you about 300 additional characters (however, if you’ve already used all your FAQs, you may have to make some difficult trade-offs).

Anyway, I hope this is helpful.

Some other sales techniques I’d like to mention are:

  1. qualifying the Buyer;
  2. convincing the Buyer you have a premium product for an exclusive clientele (for example, a base gig that allows you to see if you’re a good fit, which is a barrier to entry for higher-end gigs); this is why, for example, trendy Manhattan night clubs may hire people to stand in line outside, because people enjoy the club more knowing not that they got IN, but that other people DIDN’T!
  3. taking the product away from the Buyer.

I’d say Fiverr would be wise to try to implement these types of techniques into the plan for the site, because they are powerful tools.

Bottom line: it would be good for Fiverr for someone with a sales background to help brainstorm ways to implement these techniques in the site.[/details]

Of possible interest...

Let Me Show You I Can Write A Lyric


Who said this? Can you please get back to him and tell him to stop saying it as it is completely incorrect.
It may be easier than some other ways to make money but it is definitely not easy - nothing worthwhile ever is (yes, that is a sensei-type thing to say, no I am not volunteering).
The truth is that all you need is available through the Fiverr Academy, the forum tips etc. Spend some time looking around and learn it for yourself. Alternatively, there are some sellers who offer mentor-type services for a fee.


I respectfully disagree. To join is easy. :wink:

I agree with what else the two gentlemen said above, read yourself through all the available information mentioned, it´s a lot of information that will help you, and if then there are specific questions or things you´d like to discuss, usually some people on the forum will gladly answer or do.

Maybe someone will come along and volunteer to be your mentor, but I think instead of waiting for that, better get started on mentoring yourself already, just in case they´ll come along late or never.


Well I agree with the above replies. I dont think anybody has enough time to be your mentor and teach you each and every bit. There is a lot of information on Fiverr Academy, Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Forum, Podcast. Visit and check them out. That will be enough for you to know about Fiverr…


No time for mentoring - too busy at the forum :grin:


Writing forum posts is or at least can be a form of mentoring, which those who don’t need or demand to be spoon-fed, are free to make use of. :slight_smile:

If someone actually does choose to mentor a person in the sense of OP, agrees to be their sensei etc. and follows through with that, that’s a great and generous and admirable thing to do, don’t get me wrong.

Read the forum, join in with the discussions, and consider those who post things you learn from your mentors, and you can have lots of mentors already now! :slight_smile: until, maybe or maybe not, someone who says yes to the kind of mentoring you’re looking for comes by. Fiverr’s slogan is ‘In doers we trust’. Posting for a mentor is doing all right, but doing something in the meantime is even more doing. And who knows, if you take advantage of everything that already is there you might find you don’t really need a mentor but only yourself.


This post is just so confusing. You want a mentor but you don’t even want to take the time to set up your profile and your gigs? If you can’t even manage that, how do you think you will succeed as a freelancer on this plattform?

I am totally speechless. Some people might think Fiverr is some kind of “Quick Cash” site but in reality it does take a lot of work to be successful!


This post:


and some think its an ATM and your creating profile is the card. Once you created it, now money will come out swiftly with a blink of an eye.


@jinwux94 If you’ve returned to this thread, you’ve gotten a variety of responses and many of them are pretty rough. (I imagine that’s why there is a post with a flamethrower image in here.) That’s probably because so many, many sellers have come here confused but had to figure it out. They did it by reading all of the provided material (some is mentioned in this thread) and making use of the many people on the forum as @miiila suggested. You can pick out one question you have, search the forum and you might find an answer. If you don’t, make a post in Improve my Gig and ask. Think of the fire here as a sign of how many passionate sellers are out there making it even though they started out just as confused.

It’s not a bad thing to see a mentor, but in general people are just too busy unless you want to hire one. I think everyone here wants sellers to succeed, so don’t take this thread hard. Just take the messages to heart and keep on working at it. This thread seems to be filled with enough advice for now, so it will be closed now. Feel free to post again in Improve my Gigs or Conversations and get involved with the community. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: