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I am confused. This request denied as misleading tell me why>

A cover design for a book. “It’s your money or your life: Healthcare communication in a changing world”

The context is that the way we communicate affects our ability to get reimbursement, be productive and engaged and more profitable AND it impact the actual life and health outcomes for patients.

So the above is what I submitted. A request for a book cover. I gave the title and then added context in case they could use that to submit their designs. This was unapproved and someone called it misleading. I am confused what part is misleading.

You’ll need to ask CS I’m afraid, as we can’t give an opinion on what they decided.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally don’t see anything wrong with your request. As offlinehelpers stated, you’ll need to ask CS.

However, the “Buyer Requests” section is unlikely to result in sample designs:

People will quote you a price, you can look at their previous work, and then you can decide who to hire based on that information. Unlike other sites, Fiverr discourages sellers from doing any sort of work (even concept work) before an order is placed.

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Thank you

This reply is helpful

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