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I am confused


got lucky first day and go a deal and earned 5 dollar, but now i have 7 gigs which is the limit, not even a single click. any tips ? and i keep on changing title of gigs maybe it works but so on no luck yet.


What is important is the description and the keywords. When you use the term ‘banner’ for example a lot of times in the description, it will be found a lot easier if people search for ‘banner’.

The tags are also very important. Where would you look for when you search for a gig related to yours? Use those tags!

Also, the title you use for the first time will be the url of your gig. Changing the title drastically later on, may cause confusion!


try to add a video it might help.


Your gig descriptions are, ummm, ineffective. I have to agree with you that you were lucky to get even one deal. Let’s review three of them quickly:

(1) Create and design your flyers. Tip: Sell the benefits. You take most of the space defining flyers and brochures. Buyers already know what they are. The question is: Why should they choose you? Your video appears to be displaying just one or two brochures. And it does no selling at all. Further, you’re not even offering a brochure for $5; buyers have to pay extra for that. That’s misleading.

(2) “fabricate and Enhance your presentation.” First, “fabricate” is a poor word choice. It suggests counterfeiting or embellishing. The text is not well written and has many grammatical and punctuation errors. You say the presentation will be in “Microsoft Office,” but there’s no such program. Do you mean PowerPoint? Or Word?

(3) “proofread and edit 2,000 words.” If that’s your offer, then you should prove you’re a competent proofreader. But from that same gig: “Why you choose me ?

it is quite simple that i am charging 5$ for 2,000 words, it is quiet cheap.” There are multiple errors in those few sentences. Further, you’re offering to proofread and edit 2,000 words, but then you say: “The maximum word count I can turn around in 24 hours is 1,000. Please wait for me to deliver the first 1,000 words before next order.

I will work on one order at a time. kindly wait when one order is in process.” So you can NOT proofread 2,000 words in one process. Someone has to send you 1,000 words . . . then wait for you to deliver the first part before sending the second part. Almost no one is going to do that.

Your other gigs have similar problems. Suggestion: Get someone to review and edit your gig descriptions. And make sure that what you’re really offering is what your headline claims.

Hope that helps.


@Wordsmith is right: you should either rewrite your gig descriptions on your own, or hire a copywriter to help you.

There are some other things you can do on your own, though; maybe these tips will help?


Yes, the English is not so good in your write ups. Sorry to say that, but you have to understand that it’s been shared that a majority of the buyers here on Fiverr are English speaking, so if you have many errors they will not want to buy from you, more so on the writing and resume and editing gigs.

I do think you have a good enough command of English to effectively communicate effectively so if you were doing design jobs, buyers could be sure that you understand what they want and you can communicate questions back to them. I have no trouble going with design type jobs with a non-native English speaking person as long as I know we can communicate easily with one another.

But if your articles are written even just as your profile is written there are too many grammatical mistakes there.

I think you should focus on what is strongest. It can cause problems if let’s say for the writing gigs you get help for your gig description, because your emails the buyer and your final article will not match and that could present a problem.

I would focus on making your design and powerpoint gigs stronger. And yes, I agree, get rid of the word “fabricate”, that’s not a good term.


Reply to @wordsmth: Microsoft Office Publisher is where i make brochure,flyers. for your second bullet point. i corrected that 1000 mistake my bad, i changed the title but not from description.


Reply to @wordsmth: You guided me well, will surely work on my mistakes.


I don’t thinks so its a nice idea to keep changing Gig’s titles, You just put some important words to your Gig title for which People are looking for. Then you can get enough impressions and sales as well.


Reply to @sincere18: Thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @nukeblaster: Thank you. Yeah i figured out not a good idea to keep changing title all the time. since then i have improved a lot.:slight_smile: