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I am constantly demoted for not answering spam

I sell books. I do not do special offers, as they never pay. I do not want requests, I do not want special jobs, I will not work for $3.60 an hour. And yet, even though I get consistent five-star reviews, I am constantly demoted to level zero because I do not have all day to sit here and answer spam messages that often say nothing but hello or thank you. If I reply to them, then they say another two word thing, and then I have to reply, and it keeps going for days. I want to turn this feature off. Frankly, it is not a feature.

This may be helpful to you:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just type “hi” and move on. It doesn’t take that long and once you answer you can stop. You can ignore them after that.

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You have 24 hours to answer a message before it affects your stats. Therefore, you should only need to check your messages every 23.75 hours and your stats will not be impacted. :wink:

You only have to reply to the first message in a conversation, anything after will not mess with your stats.


reply to spammer with a simple “hello” and then send it to jail with the report button :wink::policeman::no_entry_sign: