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I am currently unable to fill out the w9 form

Ok so I want to start a fiverr gig but I have a problem. I am 13 years old. Now according to the Fiverr guidelines, I am allowed to sell on fiverr. However, that is not the problem. The problem is the W9 Form. This form asks for all of my private info (social security #, address, etc) which I don’t mind giving, but my parents do. I don’t know my ssn but my parents do so I have to ask them. Thing is, I am sure they will not allow me. What I want to be able to do is sell on fiverr, without withdrawing my money, and when I have a substantial amount of money, it will be easier to convince my parents to let me fill out the w9 form.

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May i know about your skill ?

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I do video editing as a skill

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good. you shoul acquire more skill for your better success. i think before 18 years you should continue your learning.

I don’t really think there is any way around filling out the W9 form, so you can either try to convince your parents, maybe by showing them some of the success stories here on the forum or by arguing that you also need your social security number for any job so this isn’t much different. I believe you could also request a copy of your social security number from the respective agency and they will send it to you via letter, but then your parents might catch it before you do. So you might be better off trying to talk to your parents.


this is absolutely helpful information