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I Am Deathly Afraid Of Losing My Perfect 5-Star Rating, Should I be?

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great day and you are all keeping safe during these less than favorable times.

So I joined Fiverr back in October of 2019 as a way to earn some quick extra cash while providing services I’m good at, but I ultimately left the platform after, surprisingly, making $50 on my first gig and I didn’t return again till earlier in this month of May.

I put a lot of focus into it and I’m seeing some very positive results and getting a near steady stream of work. On top of that, I’ve been getting perfect 5-star ratings and it makes me SO happy!!..Buuuuut now I’m afraid that I might do something wrong and lose my rating!

It didn’t matter to me much before but now I feel like any wrong move could cost me and I will forever be stuck at a 4.9-star (if I’m lucky) or worse!! Cause from what I gather once you LOSE that perfect 5-star, you are NEVER getting it back.

Everything came to a head (a rather bad one) this past Monday (wait, Tuesday!) when I got a gig offer very close to my closing time around when I stop accepting offers (I offer a lot of 24-hour gigs and I don’t like accepting them close to my bedtime). He explained his situation to me and I reluctantly accept because of his assurance that it will be quick and easy, and if all goes well he’d be hiring me on a near-daily bases (I checked his profile and it all seemed legit, in fact, it was). I did it, sent final samples BEFORE the custom gig was even created just to make sure he liked it, he said yes and I made the gig and sent the final sample over to him. At that moment I was even happy and smug that I made and completed a gig within seconds, thinking I’d set some kind of Fiverr World Record or something…So I waited for him to mark the order as complete and go to bed when—He asked for a revision. Wasn’t particularly pleased with what I sent…

When I tell you that I P A N I C K E D . . .

Instantly my mind begins racing, and fearing I’d fallen into the trap of a bad buyer who would destroy my rating. I go into panic mode and push myself to the limit and did the revision and sent it over (all this happened within the span of 30 mins mind you). He leaves me hanging and I reluctantly go to bed a panicked anxiety-driven mess till I woke up the next day to see he left a 5-star rating and a nice comment.

I took a 2-day break from Fiverr after that (because headaches) and only just returned today…to the same guy asking me for my services again…(Okay that sounded nasty XD)

I don’t want to go through that mental anguish and torture again, so after reading my short novella story, any advice out there from someone who’s been in this spot and can tell me what to do going forward? Should I be this stressed about the 5-star rating or it’s just a waste of time that will lead me to an early grave?

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds (or even if you’ve just read this far!) and have a great day! :two_hearts:


Nope, not true. All you have to do is complete more 5 :star: orders and it comes back up.

In life, a turtle :turtle: has to stick his head out of his shell or he will never go anywhere.

Honestly, do not let the fear of a 5 :star: rating keep you from advancing your Fiverr career. There have been many level two sellers who have fallen down to level 0 because of their review ratings, yet, they still get orders and regain the level two status.

I looked at your profile and I like your $5 enthusiastic voice over gig.


You’re taking things too seriously. First and foremost, it’s a myth that once you lose your “Perfect” 5 star rating, there is no way you can get it back. You can in fact get it back as long as you get a lot of 5 star ratings in future orders and the stats balance out. It’s not that hard to recover your ratings. You can easily recover from this as long as you make it a point to deliver good work.

Also, ratings should be on your priority list but it should never be your TOP priority. This is because you simply cannot control how things will pan out. Even if you deliver perfect work, the buyer can always leave a not so perfect review so stressing over it is pointless.

Your focus should be doing good quality work, picking your customers wisely and things will be OK for the most part. In the rare occasion you do not get a 5 star rating, don’t stress out. It’s not the end of the world and you can always bounce back.


I don’t have a 5 star rating, I’m a level two seller and I still get regular orders. Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

There will always be a buyer who will give 4* rather than 5. You can’t prevent it. Some people are just like that. Middle ground people. Who think that 5*s is only worth it if they get something like a foot rub or their money back in the delivery.


My gosh, good is better than perfect. Both for your pocket and your sanity.


Actually, a lot of buyers don’t really trust a constant 5* rating - they think it’s fake …


Nope Please Don’t be so scared and Continue your good work . Always do Your work with passion and hardwork and your ratings would increase accordingly

Still don’t ever miscalculate the power of reviews . Many at times low ratings have brought nightmares to sellers including those of a high level (a system which i would say if really faulty and unfair many a times)

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The OP is clearly distressed more than they should be. You could do without your second horror story paragraph.


One 4 star review won’t permanently mess up a 5 star rating.


I have noticed that the person this was directed at seems to not understand how what they say affects other’s feelings.


And they like the word “nightmares” a lot. So dramatic. :slight_smile:

PS You will be okay, @izah_moh Try not to take things so close to heart.


Don’t worry too much for it , no one buyers can always only get 5 starts . By the way, nearly all your gigs you was set up by deliver within 24 hours ( 1day) , that will make your future very nervous when you get some more orders.


Your overall rating is an average. As soon as your rating average hits 4.95 or higher, your score will round back to a perfect 5. And be patient, as many have said, there are always those who think a 5 star review requires that you go unreasonably above and beyond.


I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who responded to me and did their best to put my mind at ease. Your reassurance means the world and I thank you greatly for taking time out of your busy day to respond to me :heart:

Thanks Vickie! It seems the place where I initially got my info was wrong or either outdated

This is wonderfully excellent advice, thank you!

Omg, yikes! XD

Exactly! Thanl you! I learned that the hard way :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah! I read about this somewhere, that unfortunate…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your concern! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This helps a lot, thanks!!

I plan to alter some gigs accordingly as I grow, but I am able to complete a lot of my gig in just a few hours so for now, I have no issue completing multiple gigs in on day. Thank you for your concern regardless!! :smile:

Thank you!! :blush: