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I am depressed my gig is not showing even rank on first page and getting orders

hello respected seiners i am really depressed my gig was rank on first page and making some bucks but now accidentally my gig is not showing in any search results and gig impression and clicks is also decreasing i don’t know what to do i am very tens. i put alot of efforts to come on first page and just started making some bucks and fon’t know whats problem happend.i received one fiverr violation complain when i was talking with my client about email for project.and also few days after one first negative review i don’t know what is reason now and how it should be solved please seniers help me.thank u soo much


“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.


The same problem and the CS don’t help me and don’t solve this problem until now, I have sent more requests to them


thanks everyone for suggestions

My gig was in first page first till third place for 7 month, always in top. But suddenly its probably between end. I got more than 240 feedbacks. But it doesnt hurt me, since i keep good communication with my customers, and they return back to me when they need me. !

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