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I am disappointed and do not know what to do :( [Gig Ranking]

Hi Fiverr Community!

I am now Level one seller but my gig ranking is zero, my daily impressions are 5 to 10 and zero clicks. I have (Have a look at attached image)

  • 17, 5 stars reviews
  • 100% Response Rate
  • 100 % Order Completion Rate
  • 100 % On-time Delivery

I have followed every single guideline but all in vain.

I request everyone, Please have a look at my Gig and guide me what should I do. My January earning is Zero. I am very disappointed :frowning:

Gig Link:

Thank you,


Have you read this thread yet? Level 1 Hell - Pass the test - New Sellers


Hi @imagination7413,

No, I will read it now. From the start my gig is like that, all the orders I have completed are from buyer requests I have sent.

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Well that’s not level 1 hell then

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Hi @michal247,

Yes, I thought ranking will get better with Level One, but it’s the same, even more declined.

Try to find a niche where you can outstand, creating gig in highly competitive market usually doesn’t end up well

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You are right @michal247.

Okay, that is a tad different. At a glance, your wasting some of your tag spaces.

[customization] Too vague, no one would use this search term by itself.
[wordpress developer] Good.
[wordpress] Too general, you already have a tag that covers Wordpress
[themeforest] Too specific, might only get people specifically looking for that theme, and only if they use that spelling.
[customize wordpress] Good.


In my opinion it’s about that timing. There are up and downs. Yours gig looks to me professional.


Thank you so much @imagination7413, I will change the tags.

Thank you so much @decoratork, let’s hope for the best.

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welcome to fiverr, a sad history

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Hi @rosembergcoley,

You are doing good business, 908 orders completed :clap:

Don’t stop it, you just started it so keep working hard. Sometimes it’s bad sometimes it’s good, it’s called rotation of the gigs. Nothing to be worried about.

Good luck


Thank you so much @rrebai,
my gig has never ranked, I think it has not been even in rotation of gigs

Oh? and how did you get 17 reviews?

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@rrebai All from sending buyer requests

I don’t understand why you are so disappointed.

What were you expecting from Fiverr?

It isn’t going to generate full-time wages for everyone.

For me, I get about 30% of my monthly income from Fiverr and I’ve been freelancing for years.

So I have ALWAYS looked at Fiverr as a reliable side Gig.

You have to remember that there are MILLIONS of freelancers using Fiverr and many are misled into believing that they can get rich here.

Follow the suggestions that have already been made in this thread and maybe reconsider your goals.

You can still be successful on Fiverr but maybe you are expecting too much?

Good luck.


Thank you @looseink , I think i am expecting too much, I am disappointed because I have given my full time to Fiverr but return is not good. I thought I would get 150 to 200 dollars monthly from Fiverr.

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Set yourself realistic goals and see where that takes you.

It may require you changing up your Gigs, adding new Gigs, restructuring your pricing, etc.

I used to make $750-$1,000 a month here.

Now I’m lucky if I see $100 a month.

But that will also change, but I’m not worried about it.