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I am disappointed from fiverr

why i am not getting orders i also don’t get buyer requests whats wrong i dont understand


share your gig on social media, best of luck. And most important thing “have patience” .


You offer poster/flyer designs which is something a LOT of people offer here at Fiverr.
You can’t expect to get orders everyday, there are always ups and downs. That’s business.
There is nothing wrong with Fiverr, and I’m guessing there is nothing wrong with your gigs either. It’s just that the person posting buyer’s request simply found another seller he/she preferred. There are hundreds if not thousands of sellers providing similar services,
you can’t expect orders to pour in constantly.
If you really don’t understand, I’m afraid that’s a bit of a problem.

BTW, there is always a flood period and a dry-up period in any business including Fiverr.
I believe it would be best to use this free time to either tweak your gigs and improve them, promote them, or try something completely outside Fiverr.


Check your tabs and your Gig title.

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Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

The orders have been going steadily downhill in posters/flyers category (which is my category as well) since the middle of August (this is when I noticed the change, at least). By the number of orders in queue people have, it looks like it affected everyone. I have no idea what’s the reason behind it and whether it’s permanent or not but I personally took it as an opportunity to focus on more projects outside of fiverr to broaden my horizons. It doesn’t have to be your only source of income.

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Thanks for sharing this topic I am facing the same types of problem few months. Fiverr gives a chance to boost sales by purchase video courses but. The courses are too expensive. We work at a low rate. if fiverr low the rate or create an invoice that paid later it will be very helpful.

BUT I am not sure how to fix wrong buyer request.I also see lot’s of wrong buyer request.

Increase your online time and your response rate.
When response rate is less than 90% you won’t get buyer requests.
Best of Luck.

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Promote your gig on social media and try to make more gig. Keep patience. Best of luck.

share your gig on social media