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I am disappointed. my service orderless

i am following every rules of fiver… marketting regularly, visiting forum regurlarly. but not getting order. why??? :frowning:


I would try looking into ‘buyer requests’ and send buyers an offer. I think that will help you more than waiting for an order to come your way. That won’t happen in the beginning. I’ve had 2 orders in one day just by sending offers to buyers requests.


These aren’t the ‘rules’ of Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance business, no different from if you opened a cafe or a small shop. You need to think of this as a business - what are you doing to improve your business? Who are your target customers? Where are they? What are you doing to reach them? When was the last time that you updated your gig thumbnails, or re-wrote your descriptions, or worked on your portfolio? Why not make a video where you’re talking to your prospective customers, introducing yourself and telling them what they can expect if they order from you? My point is, there’s lots you could be doing.

This won’t help you get more orders. Coming and having a read, maybe once every day or two, might help give you some tips and inspiration, but your buyers aren’t on the forum, so the forum is very unlikely to lead to more orders. You should be spending limited time on the forum, and most of your time doing all the things I mentioned before.

Your Fiverr profile is a small business - if you treat it like a small business, I’m sure you’ll be successful. Good luck!


Hi there @tapos_bormon, I hope to find you well. In addition to what @shannadeweijer and @cubittaudio have explained perfectly well. Please remember that your niche ‘‘Wordpress Developer’’ has over 46.000 sellers alone, and is exaggerated.

Why would you think your the only one here trying to get some orders in Your Niche? To make it even more competitive, what about the TRS in your niche? They getting most orders. You really need to stick above yourself and other sellers here to succeed on Fiverr.

I see you’ve made amazing progress as you have 14, 5-star reviews and god knows how many sells… this is already a huge accomplishment… so congratz on this because this is more than most sellers ever will in their lifetime!! :partying_face::partying_face:

I wish you all the best and good luck on your blooming career… :smiley:

Warmly, Humberto


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


You know, sometimes I feel that someone at the fiverr headquarters is sitting and plotting all of this and making fun of us and he enjoys cutting people’s orders. hahhahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:
On serious note, There is no reason man. No one knows how fiverr’s algorithm works.

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This simply isn’t the case, and believing that it is, is only going to cause you more difficulty.

The fact is, most people who come on the forum saying “I can’t get any orders” are making one (or more) of the following mistakes;

  1. Creating gigs in HUGELY over-saturated niches (Wordpress, logo design etc)
  2. Creating gigs in niches where there simply isn’t the demand that people expect because software can do it all for you now (Photoshop background removal, copy/paste data entry).
  3. Using poor quality thumbnails that don’t attract attention
  4. Provide no examples of the quality of their work
  5. Write a single, generic, poorly worded paragraph in the description

I could probably go on… and then these people wonder why nobody is buying from them.

I’m not saying this about YOU personally @rohitsolanki by the way, I haven’t looked at your profile or your gigs. But Fiverr takes 20% commission on every order. It’s in Fiverr’s interests for people to be selling. Do you not think that if, overnight, people would come and buy from EVERY seller at Fiverr, Fiverr would not be happy? Of course they would, think of how much money they would make! But you can’t force people to buy, and the vast majority of sellers don’t market themselves well enough.


I know it isn’t the case. I wrote that as a joke but I now realize my message didn’t have the emotion it should have had. I have edited it, check please.
I know about all these mistakes and I am one of the best seller in my niche. I am 3 years old on fiverr. :slight_smile:

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If there is little demand for what you offer and you have high competition, you won’t get sales. That reality doesn’t change just because you marketed it regularly.

Visiting the forum doesn’t bring you buyers. Why do so many sellers think that it does? The forum is for learning about your craft and applying the skills you learned.


Yes, I have been on forum since many months but it doesn’t bring any work and why would it? I came to here to share experiences and learn a more about my work and to remain updated.

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To do sth else. Maybe one day,there will be an order. My first order came after several months, I even forgot my gig until i got an email :slight_smile:


Don,t be worried! Go ahead,must be will you order can more send buyers offer to your gigs and share with social networking site.

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