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I am doing telecommunication engineering which gig are good for me

i am a telecom student and want create new gigs. so which types of gigs are good and faverable for me. I can do every task in powerpoint, word, matlab, assignment writing, engineering student study work, research web, graphic designing, etc

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I think you answered your own question. Offer services that you are skilled at completing.

i will be thankful

No offense intended, why would it be bad for you to offer photo design services? I see a lot of people of many faiths offering similar things and I’m genuinely curious. Feel free not to answer, though. :slight_smile:

hi, what wrong in this, i want to do some other services like related to engineering and web researching etc

its ok i create telecom engineering related gigs but low sale

I don’t think we understand each other. It doesn’t matter, though. Carry on!

“Being muslim photodesigning is not good for us”

Why? All I can guess is that you may work on pictures of women in western dress?

Aniconism and its big brother idolatry, perhaps? Not so much the bewbs, but more thundering Abrahamic religion ideas about soul-theft through imagery (by portraying your own inner to others outers, or something–I am not a theologian!)

@cricketer123 why do you keep creating new posts asking for ideas for gigs? Ultimately, you know better than anyone else here what your particular skills are. Make gigs centered around those.

Most Muslims abide by the same commandment in Jewish and Christian holy books which prohibits making ‘graven images,’ i.e. creating art which attempts to imitate life. In fact, I love the Bible brigade. They all love their stained glass windows but hardly ever even realise that, well… they’re just a tiny bit more self-righteous than they are actually attentive to their faith.

As for your question Cricketer123, you can make lots of video, graphic design and illustration work which doesn’t have to include human or otherworldly forms. If you can, look to produce infographics etc. Infographics are in pretty huge demand at the moment, as is animated video and both can be done in accordance with your personal requirements.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Your gigs look very good with good reviews. Nice!

thanks but what i need to create more sale…what your advise…thanks to guide me

what you mean…(All I can guess is that you may work on pictures of women in western dress?)

I was trying to guess why as a Muslim you can’t use photoshop? There are lots of pictures of women without burkas you may be asked to work on. Is that the reason?

we cannot work on these human photo designing is sin in our religions…as you know…


this month i get 2 orders…how i increase my sale or someone tell me about the ways of promoting gigs or something else.