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I am DONE with covid hysteria

Just venting. Someone I love died before she could be moved to a facility that would allow visitors. Her last days she received “visits” that were only people outside shouting through a barely-opened windows. To “protect” a bunch of cowards from a virus almost everyone will survive. She died without proper comfort because of the your fear, you masses of people who obey government without question. Just like the people who have gone bankrupt or gone without proper mental health care or other health screenings. Who made themselves a god and decided covid was the one and only thing that matters in the entire world?


I am so very sorry for your loss, @kschimmel - so hard for you experience and to imagine what it must have been like for your loved one (I really hate that expression!).

Much sympathy coming your way. {{{hug}}}

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I am so sorry, the world has become greedy in the time of a pandemic and that affected you, I hope you can get better soon from this, and I’m sorry for your loss

Sorry for your loss.

COVID being problem is not covid issue, it is human and mentality issue.

90% of what governments are asking to be done people should do on their own, applying simple and basic logic.

The moment there is new unknown disease around that is spread by air and particles everyone should wear mask and wash hands and sterilize equipment they are using. Nothing mayor or drastic in doing that. Simple hygiene.

But people are acting like children, teenagers. Government tells me to do something I will not obey.

COVID is fraud, covid is conspiracy, covid is aliens attack…

When someone has a flu or chicken pocks or lice, some follow the rules of hygiene and some think they are above it and refuse to do normal things (wash hair, clean hands, clean clothes, use lotion, constrain yourself from going in to public areas until you are healed etc etc.).

COVID is causing all these problems not because of itself on its own, the problem is human.

Human that is refusing to behave normally.