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I am done with this

One month and three days, offer sent three hundred and one; even improved my gig description and lower my price but no orders. I have gone through many articles for improving my gigs, replying to a buyer request professionally yet, no one contacted me or received any order. Can anyone please provide some suggestions? Criticisms are welcome. Thank you.


If you think making money is easy on Fiverr, you are wrong. There are more than thousands of people like you are having the same situation. So what make you different from rest of them?
Like what make your gig stand out among the saturated gig catalogue.People will most likely to buy from a high-review gig or leveled sellers.

I’ll recommend you to create a more attractive gig cover. But to be honest, the gig you providing is too saturated.


Well, I took a look at your proof-reading gig and I don’t think I would purchase from it, it seems like you used google translate and searched for a synonym on every word with more than two syllables, saying things like “You will barely grasp any chance to identify the flaws” and “For a more superior understanding” don’t make sense.

Also you claim you will go over English and Spanish documents but it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken either of the tests on your profile? Why would I choose someone who hasn’t verified their skills? As per usual on this forum people claim to be doing enough. Good luck!


Sure. I will be a bit… harsh. Mostly because I think you really need to hear this. Doesn’t mean I dislike you or anything. I hope you can take a fair bit of serious criticism.

1.) Ugly and unappealing thumbnails. They look very cheap, as if they were made in Paint or something. I suggest you start with that. It’s the first thing the buyer looks at, even if only with the corner of their eye.


Hi everyone this is Disha Nauar. I am providing “Proofreading and Editing”, “Recipe writing” & “Translation” service Working with you all is the prime reason why I stepped into this platform and to enhance my skills and learn more. Looking forward!!!

First, you are addressing the seller as if this was your social media/Facebook bio. Such a simple mistake I see all the time and no one would believe me what impact it can have. Try something shorter and more personal, like “Hi, my name is […]”, “I am […] and I offer […]” or “My name is […] and I’m a professional […]”. The seller wants to know who they are hiring, meaning your set of skills.

That trail of thought goes in the bin the moment they read “Hey everyone”.

Your current description just reads like “Hi, I’m […]. I do […] services and this is why I joined this site. See you.” Boring and empty. It doesn’t tell me that I should stay and look at your gigs, and maybe even consider ordering.

3.) You are providing a proofreading service, but fail to proofread your own text. Missing dot after “Translation service”.

“stepped into this platform” -> I could be wrong, since I’m no native speaker myself, but this sounds grammatically incorrect.

“Looking forward” to what? Working with them? Be specific.

4.) Lastly, and it may seem minor to you or anyone else reading this, but I assure you it is not: 3 exclamation marks at the end are a No-Go. I’m not gonna go into details as to why that is, but simply put: It makes you look bad.

When you combine “Hey everyone” and “!!!” into one (with your choice of words), to the seller it just screams: teenager, inexperienced, can’t be trusted to deliver. (no offense from my side)


Thank you so much for your criticism. I will surely use your advice to improve my profile.

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Thank you for your words.