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I am down after unlocking Level 2 Status


I went down after unlocking level 2 status what it happening no SALES Last two months.

Someone help me?

Freelancing is very unpredicatable. You will always see ups and downs in your business that is nothing unusual. It’s August a lot of people are off from work, school, travelling.

Use the time to tweak and improve your gigs, promote your services on social media and check buyer requests. Good luck :wink:

Thank you!

There is some luck on buyer request!!!

Thank you! i have improved the gigs but still nothing only 1 or 2 order in a month.

Add a couple more gigs. Think about the services you can offer. Maybe even something completely unrelated to your gigs. What about a “Fun & Bizarre” gig. Strange things sell :).

Don’t forget to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr to attract new buyers.