I am enriching my skills, that's why I can't stay online all time in fiverr


Hello guys,
If i stay away from fiverr after creating my account and some gigs as well. Is this has a bad effect on my profile.



Unfortunately yes. I’d think the buyers would probably be more inclined to hire sellers who they see online and who respond to their messages quickly.

If you are away from Fiverr, you could turn on the out of office mode perhaps… And there is also an option to not receive messages from prospective clients when you are out of office… That way, it would not affect your response rate


@hanshuber16 thanks mate. How I can do that , I mean turn off office mode and for how many days I can do this.


Some buyers look for sellers who are currently online, but not all. Unless they’re in a hurry, any serious buyer understands that sellers can’t be online 24/7, and wouldn’t mind waiting for a response, not if the wait is reasonable. Also, buyers can (and often do) place orders when the seller is offline.


@catwriter thanks mate.


Good point, particularly as the online/offline filter often doesn’t work. :wink:

@eagleseye - just check into Fiverr a few times a day and you should be fine - no need for ‘out of office’ or anything like that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah, not necessarily true. Most of my orders arrived when I was getting my beauty sleep. :sleeping:
This method only encourages people to not have a life and staying online :two::four:/:seven:.


@offlinehelpers thanks mate.


@nikavoice that’s nice. Thanks mate.


There is a reason I specifically used the words “probably more inclined” I didn’t say they always do… I was merely suggesting that your chances are BETTER… especially when it comes to new sellers out there who don’t have an established clientele base or repeat buyers yet @catwriter @offlinehelpers @nikavoice

I totally agree with what you all said :slight_smile:


I am mostly getting orders while I am a sleep so staying online 24/7 is not so good like people think. It can increase maybe chance to get sale, but that is only it.

@eagleseye you said 3 times mate and you don’t even realize that


@arty182925 . yes I got the point. I think we are speaking English not Hebrew . take everything easily. Everybody are winners , just we need to clear something’s. Have tight sleep mate.


Even when I was a new seller, I was getting most of my orders while I was offline. :slight_smile:


Well, Good for you then! :slight_smile:


With the Fiverr app, you can do both! Need not have to sacrifice on either. :wink:


Only if you’ve got a butler or somebody similar to answer your messages on the app while you sleep. :slightly_smiling_face:

I knew I could find a good reason for having a butler at some point in my life. :wink:


By “both”, I was referring to having a life (go out, party, or w/e it is you wanna do) and staying online :two::four:/:seven:.

I never said anything about

while sleeping. :slight_smile:


Well if you’re not going to answer messages etc. there’s no point in using the app at all - stick to the desktop.

Using the app and having it ‘online’ offers no advantage to doing the same with the desktop version.



Yes, you can reply to the messages when you are awake…

I am very confused about why you were talking about being able to message while sleeping.

And the reason why I was talkin about the app (and not having to be on the desktop) was cuz @nikavoice was saying that staying online 24/7 was only encouraging people to not have a life.

Which doesn’t need to be the case if you are using the app…

And obviously, being online 24/7 is not possible… cuz everyone needs to sleep and do other activities. But that was definitely not the point I was trying to convey.

:arrow_up: This part of the OP’s post made it sound like he was going to be away from fiverr as in: irl work or a vacation or something else… a situation where he might not be able to reply back to any fiverr messages or order… And that’s why I was suggesting “out of office”… It is up to him to decide.


Because there’s no point in “being online” via the app if you’re not going to answer messages until you wake up. It would just make buyers angry if they saw you online, asked you something, and received a response hours later. You might get several angry messages asking you why you’re ignoring them.