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I am enriching my skills, that's why I can't stay online all time in fiverr


Meh, I’m good. :sunglasses: I never have my :iphone: glued to my tush 24/7, 7/11 or whatever – in fact, I rarely use the app. I usually have my :iphone: sitting in a charging dock. Yanno to concentrate on other things in my fab life. :wink:

It’s summertime! :sun_behind_small_cloud: A gal just wants to enjoy a nice :horse_racing: horseback ride on a beautiful trail or :beach: pool fun without thinking about 5r, apps in general or other work stuff.

If the OP feels like the app will make his life easier, then that’s sweet potato pie :pie: for him. :tada:


Yes… I agree… But that was not my point at all…

Lemme clarify-

In my first message, I might have wrongly used the word “online”. Not the best choice of words… I agree… By “online” I meant being receptive and being able to respond to clients. I didn’t mean “online” as in the green dot - status icon.

And when the OP said

I thought that he had some in-real-life stuff that he had to attend to…which might render him unable to focus on Fiverr stuff…

So, I suggested that the person be “online” (being able to respond to messages/orders) as much as he possibly could ((Is that a negative trait to have? I don’t think so). And that it can definitely do more good to the person’s business than to “stay away from Fiverr”. And if he wanted to “stay away from Fiverr”, he could opt for the out of office mode.


@eagleseye I think you got some good advice all around. Being online can be helpful but your life is also important.

To everyone else in the thread: I see several helpful people offering different kinds of advice who are just arguing back and forth and I really don’t understand why. Perhaps it could be taken to PM if there is some personal problem and if not, let’s drop it. It’s out of hand in this thread.