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I am EXHAUSTED with fiverr

I write great reviews and doing this type of work on fiverr from last 1 year but one day fiverr restricted my account without any solid reason , I also contact fiverr support but they are ignoring me, on that account I am earning 400$ per month which is really nice when you are in INDIA where everything is cheap.

But because of that account restrictions I cannot do anything so I deactivated that account and now I have made new account but where can i show my experience to the new buyers who come to my profile

Now its almost 10 days that i have created my account but still no previous clients have found me and also there are no orders for me

what should I do can you give me suggestions Its really frustrating me

Time to develop another talent. Your account was probably reported via third parties.

Internet research, SEO content, article writing… All these are possible services without violating third parties’ TOS.

Fiverr had their reasons for taking the restrictive action that they did. This is their site, and if someone is breaking to rules, they usually respond rather quickly. Whatever those reasons were, I’m sure they were valid. Fiverr doesn’t just delete or restrict user accounts without a fair or valid reason.

It’s time to stop complaining on the forums and find a way to reinvent yourself. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I found your problem. You’re selling reviews on other sites. Sites like Amazon and others do not like it when people write paid reviews on their sites. It’s against the rules of those sites, and you selling those kinds of reviews here on Fiverr is probably why your account was restricted.

The thing is, you’re STILL trying to sell those reviews on this new account. Either delete them, or prepare for this account to be restricted as well. You NEED to follow the rules of the sites you use, otherwise, sites like Fiverr are well within their rights to restrict your account(s).

agree with @jonbaas


you can see the high rating and recommend section of fiverr before telling me this

they all selling paid reviews

but there are also top rated sellers and why the fiverr give review section if they have problem with the paid reviews and third party

can anybody check my gigs and tell me what to improve so to attract buyers

Reply to @rajat11:
Coz they’re not yet busted!

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Just because you see other sellers still breaking the rules does not mean that you can too.

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If another website objects to certain services sold here on Fiverr (such as services that go against the rules of those other sites), Fiverr usually removes or restricts the gigs that are selling those “services” that go against the rules of those other websites.

It is well within Fiverr’s rights to do this.

Reply to @jonbaas: Agreed