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I am expecting some tricks from the experience freelancers


I create 3 gigs last week.
I also did some social marketing and send buyer request.
But till now, I don’t get any order even not a knock from clients.
I am expecting some tricks from the experience freelancers.

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You just posted these tips - have you followed all of them to get orders every day?


Your post title and actual post do not not make sense together. I was expecting you to share your unique ideas!


They did! :arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small:


You may find this useful.


the only thing I can think to try is niche more

do you have a certain type of website that you are most familiar with compared to the competition?

Or maybe you can learn more about a growing niche market that people will search for website assistance in.

Your profile looks good.

other than trying to advertise to a particular type of market, off-site advertisement is the only thing I can think of. Oh yeah, and I can see you have never shared your gig within the My Fiverr Gigs section of this forum…

you seem to be very qualified, I wish you the best!